Random Old Records Podcast #46

Episode #46 of Random Old Records Podcast is absolutely LOADED front to back with killer jams. We're talking an hour of old and new synth-punk, power pop, punk rock, psychedelia, and straight-up rock n' roll from the likes of Mikal Cronin, Potty Mouth, Missing Monuments, MERX, Rockin' Horse, Informatics, Heavy Times, Roky Erickson, and MORE! If you're still listening and following along and enjoy what I do, then I offer my sincerest thanks. Hope you like this one, it was a blast picking out the tunes and putting them together.

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Random Old Records #46
Released 12/13/2013
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1. Potty Mouth - "The Gap"
(Hell Bent, Old Flame 2013)
2. Joanna Gruesome - "Sugarcrush"
(Weird Sister, Slumberland 2013)
3. Mikal Cronin - "Shout It Out"
(MCII, Merge 2013)
4. Ketamines - "Patients"
(You Can't Serve Two Masters, Southpaw 2013)
5. Heavy Times - "Night Manager"
(Fix It Alone, HoZac 2013)
6. Parquet Courts - "Descend (The Way)"
(Tally All The Things That You Broke, What's Your Rupture? 2013)
--Peter Ivers speaks
7. Goldendust - "After The Smoke Grew Thick"
(Goldendust, Night People 2013)
8. Grave Babies - "No Fear"
(Crusher, Hardly Art 2013)
9. Informatics - "What A World"
(Dance To A Dangerous Beat, Dark Entries 2013)
10. Onyx System - "Future Fetish"
(Dreams Are Not Dreams, ET Habit 2012)
11. Merx - "Atlantic Painter Presents"
(20000 Sq. Ft. Under The Sea, Permanent 2013)
12. Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons - "Fantastic"
(Screams To God, Dark Entries 2013)
13. Group Rhoda - "Dust"
(12th House, Not Not Fun 2013)
--Peter Ivers speaks again
14. Rockin' Horse - "Oh Carol, I'm So Sad"
(Yes It Is, Sing Sing 2012)
15. Games - "It's Just Impossible"
(Games, HoZac 2013)
16. The Dentists - "I'm Not The Devil"
(Some People Are On The Pitch..., Trouble In Mind 2013)
17. The Resonars - "Vanishing People"
(Crummy Desert Sound, Burger 2013)
18. The Last - "L.A. Explosion"
(L.A. Explosion, Bomp 1979)
19. Missing Monuments - "Dead To Me"
(Missing Monuments, Dirtnap 2013)
20. The Clap - "Get It While You Can"
(Have You Reached Yet?, Sing Sing 2011)
21. Roky Erickson & The Aliens - "I Think Of Demons"
(The Evil One, Light In The Attic 2013)

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