Random Old Records Podcast #71

Hey folks, welcome to the last Random Old Records podcast of 2018! EPISODE #71 jumps wildly from genre to genre, equally divided between music for dancing and dreaming.

Colemine Records out of Loveland, Ohio has been modestly releasing the best vintage-sounding soul music all year long. The beginning of this episode highlights tracks by Ben Pirani and Wesley Bright and the Honeytones along with some rare '60s and '70s soul stompers. It moves on to more classic sounds from recent compilations, including garage rock from The Collectors and sunshine pop from The Carnival Connection, then back to the present day with jangle from The Weather Station and The Stroppies, bionic synth grooves from Vive La Void and Klaus Johann Grobe, plus a whole lot more!

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Random Old Records Podcast #71
Released 12/27/18
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1. Loleatta Holloway - "Only A Fool"
(Southern Groove, BGP 2018)
2. Ben Pirani - "Not One More Tear"
(How Do I Talk To My Brother, Colemine 2018)
3. The Apollas - "Pretty Red Balloons"
(Loma: A Soul Music Love Affair Vol. 1, Future Days 2016)
4. Wesley Bright And The Honeytones - "Happiness"
(Happiness 7", Colemine 2018)
5. Barbara Mason - "You Better Stop It"
(Nothing But A House Party, Kent 2017)
--Return of Jack Deth!
6. Vickie And The Van Dykes - "I Wanna Be A Winner"
(Basement Beehive, Numero Group 2018)
7. The Collectors - "Make It Easy"
(Transparent Days: West Coast Nuggets, Rhino 2017)
8. The Carnival Connection - "Poster Man"
(Book A Trip, Now Sounds 2010)
9. Buck Owens - "Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass"
(Truckers, Kickers, Cowboy Angels Vol.2, Bear Family 2014)
10. The Earl Scruggs Revue - "If I'd Only Come And Gone"
(The Earl Scruggs Revue, Columbia 1973)
--Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks!
11. The Popguns - "Waiting For The Winter"
(Eugenie, Midnight Music 1990)
12. The Stroppies - "Gravity Is Stern"
(The Stroppies, Tough Love 2017)
13. The Weather Station – "Kept It All To Myself"
(The Weather Station, Paradise Of Bachelors 2017)
14. The Fresh & Onlys - "Walking Blues"
(Wolf Lie Down, Sinderlyn 2017)
15. 79.5 - "Terrorize My Heart"
(Predictions, Big Crown 2018)
16. Klaus Johann Grobe - "Der Koenig"
(Du Bist So Symmetrisch , Trouble In Mind 2018)
17. Vive La Void - "Death Money"
(Vive La Void, Sacred Bones 2018)
18. Hilary Woods - "Take Him In"
(Colt, Sacred Bones 2018)