Random Old Records Podcast #72

Hey folks, Random Old Records is back for its 11th year! EPISODE #72 is nearly a full hour of that classic rock n' roll beat presented in a wide variety of styles and eras, from the 50s to just a few weeks ago. That's a convoluted and verbose way to say: the one's got some serious JAMS!

Kicking off with "Mystery Action", the last released tune from the legendary Rezillos, ROR #72 offers up power-pop-punk tracks from Tweens, Terry and Louie, and Midnite Snaxxx, loud indie jangle from Salad Boys, The Driscolls, For Against, and Dark Blue, vintage rockin' country from Porter Wagoner and the Farmer Boys, and almost a dozen more hitters from all points in between.

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Random Old Records Podcast #72
Released 02/10/19
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1. The Rezillos - "Mystery Action"
(Flying Saucer Attack: The Complete Recordings 1977-1979, Cherry Red 2018)
2. Midnite Snaxxx - "Mysterex"
(Chew On This, Space Taker Sounds 2017)
3. Tweens - "McMicken"
(Tweens, Frenchkiss 2014)
4. Terry and Louie - "It's All Mine"
(A Thousand Guitars, Tuff Break 2018)
5. Steve Adamyk Band - "Carry On"
(Graceland, Dirtnap 2016)
6. Salad Boys - "Psych Slasher"
(This Is Glue, Trouble In Mind 2018)
--Forest Fair Mall: The Beginning!
7. The Driscolls - "Doctor Good And His Incredible Life Saving Soap"
(The Driscolls, Tea Time 1989)
8. Jack Of Heart - "Pony Grap"
(Jack Of Heart, Born Bad 2009)
9. Mountain Movers - "Vision Television"
(Mountain Movers, Trouble In Mind 2017)
10. Sudden Death Of Stars - "Pony Tails"
(All Unrevealed Parts Of The Unknown, Ample Play 2014)
11. Night School - "City Kiss"
(Blush, Graveface 2016)
12. Garcia Peoples - "Show Your Troubles Out"
(Cosmic Cash, Beyond Beyond Is Beyond 2018)
--Forest Fair Mall: The Middle!
13. For Against – "Sabres"
(December, Independent Project 1988)
14. Novella - "Phases"
(Land, Sinderlyn 2017)
15. Dark Blue - "Challenge Of Death"
(Victory Is Rated, 12XU 2019)
16. Cool Sounds - "Roses"
(Cactus Country, Osborne Again 2018)
--Forest Fair Mall: The End?
17. Porter Wagoner - "King Of The Cannon County Hills"
(The Carroll County Accident, RCA 1969)
18. The Farmer Boys - "Flash, Crash And Thunder"
(The Other Side Of Bakersfield, Vol. 1, Bear Family 2014)
19. The J and B - "Wow Wow Wow"
(My First Day Without You: New Rubble Vol. 1, Past and Present 2005)
20. Tom Parrott - "Groovy and Linda"
(Mystic Males, Pet 2004)
21. Harvey - Anyway You Want"
(Mad Mike's Monsters Vol. 2, Norton 2008)