Random Old Records Podcast #64

I didn't put out a podcast in March, since this one ended up being an absolute MONSTER to put together. Back in Summer of 2016, I did an episode where every song came from my personal collection of 7" singles. That one was so much fun, and I've picked up a bunch of new 45s in the past two years, so why not do it again? EPISODE #64 of Random Old Records contains a whopping 26 new and old jams ranging from stone-cold punk rock classics to the freshest wax of 2018.

You will hear a healthy assortment of tracks from Total Punk Records, perhaps the best label currently releasing 45s on a regular basis, including the likes of Lysol, Rik & The Pigs, and Patsy, along with the always reliable Hozac Records, home to Surfbort and Mil Mascaras. In between, there are rippers by ISS, The Number Ones, Buzzcocks, JJ Doll, Good Throb, Terry, Parnsip, and a whole lot more. Also, dig those vintage commercials!

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Random Old Records Podcast #64
Released 02/20/2018
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1. The Ruts - "Babylon's Burning"
(Side A, Virgin VS 271 1979)
2. The Number Ones - "Lie To Me"
(Side A, Sorry State SSR-91 2018)
3. Buzzcocks - "Time's Up"
(Side A, New Hormones ORG-1 1977)
4. Lowlife - "Leaders"
(Side A, Hozac HZR-194 2017)
5. Dangus Tarkus - "Blood And Wires"
(Side B, Lumpy #60 2016)
6. Perverts Again - "My Embarrassment"
(Side B, Total Punk TPR-50 2017)
-- More than half a football field!
7. JJ Doll - "You Come First"
(Side A, Katorga Works KW-046 2016)
8. Patsy - "Tuley Tude High"
(Side A, Total Punk TPR-36 2015)
9. Surfbort - "Back To Reaction"
(Side A, Hozac HZR-195 2017)
10. Lemonade - "Xtabay"
(Side A, Thrilling Living TSF-002 2017)
11. Good Throb - "Welcome Break"
(Side B, La Vida Es Un Mus MUS109 2016)
12. Fried Egg - "Teeth"
(Side A, Beach Impediment BIR-026 2017)
13. Lysol - "Knucklehead"
(Side B, Total Punk TPR-45 2016)
14. S-21 - "Power Abuse"
(Side B, World Gone Mad WGM-009 2017)
--Vacuum the world!
15. ISS - "I Wanna Be Dated"
(Side A, Sorry State SSR-90 2018)
16. GG King - "Another Dimension"
(Side A, SOD-27 Scavenger Of Death 2017)
17. Mordecai - "What Is Art"
(Side A, Sophomore Lounge SL 085 2017)
18. The Suburban Homes - "Unemployed"
(Side A, Total Punk TPR-55 2017)
19. Mil Mascaras - "Fuzz"
(Side A, Hozac HZR-124 2012)
20. Thee Headcoatees - "Park It Up Your Arse"
(Side B, Sympathy For The Record Industry SFTRI 332 1995)
--Grab some Garth today!
21. Best Coast - "In My Room"
(Side A, Group Tightener GT01 2009)
22. Southern Comfort - "Me & My Baby"
(Side B, Hozac HZR-149 2014)
23. Terry - "Lino Deen"
(Side B, Aarght! AARGHT036 2016)
24. Parsnip - "Seeing Red"
(Side B, Anti Fade ANT 040 2017)
25. Jeffrey Novak - "Home Sweet Home"
(Side A, Shattered SR 201 2009)
26. Rik & The Pigs - "Don't Tell On Me"
(Side A, Total Punk TPR-44 2016)