Random Old Records Podcast #59

TRUE STORY: this episode of Random Old Records was supposed to come out back in April. I had an entire hour mapped out, made a test-mix, and immediately hated it. So, I trashed the entire thing, sat on it awhile, made a few changes, still hated it, started from scratch and hated THAT one too, then heard the new album from Terry and found the perfect song to really make it sing. Now, it's nearly October and EPISODE #59 is finally ready for your listening pleasure!

It all kicks off with a series of songs straight out of the late '60s rock underground, featuring flashy horn arrangements, jazzy textures, and blasts of instrumental virtuosity. Then, you'll hear the massive 1995 single "Fanfare" by Eric Matthews, a selection of recent chill-pop from Omni and Mild High Club, some newer tracks from long-time Random Old Records favorites Natural Child and Black Mountain, and then the old and new start to intermingle before Black Moth Super Rainbow finishes up with a modern classic track. Stream or download the episode below, and as always, thanks for listening!

Random Old Records Podcast #59
Released 09/24/2017
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1. The Gun - "Race With The Devil"
(Gun, Epic 1968)
2. Audience - "Belladonna Moonshine"
(Friend's Friend's Friend, Charisma 1970)
3. Keef Hartley Band - "From The Window"
(The Time Is Near, Deram 1970)
4. Tim Buckley - "Pleasant Street"
(Goodbye And Hello, Elektra 1967)
--The mind of a baby!
5. Eric Matthews - "Fanfare"
(It's Heavy In Here, Sub Pop 1995)
6. Omni - "Jungle Jenny"
(Deluxe, Trouble In Mind 2016)
7. Terry - "Take Me To The City"
(Remember Terry, Upset The Rhythm 2017)
8. Mild High Club - "Kokopelli"
(Skiptracing, Stone's Throw 2016)
9. Black Mountain - "Cemetery Breeding"
(Iv, JagJaguwar 2016)
--Freedom's just another word...
10. Natural Child - "There And Back"
(Okey Dokey, self-released 2016)
11. Doug Sahm - "It's Gonna Be Easy"
(Doug Sahm And Band, Atlantic 1973)
12. Arnim-Hamilton - "Pepper Man"
(Fuckin' A: Bubblegum Motherfucker Favorites (1967-1975), Burger 2016)
13. Raw Edge - "October Country"
(Book A Trip 2: More Psych Pop Sounds Of Capitol Records, Now Sounds 2013)
--Real fish pieces!
14. Kevin Ayers and Bridget St. John - "The Oyster And The Flying Fish"
(Shooting At The Moon, Harvest 1970)
15. The Parlour Band - "Early Morning Eyes"
(Is A Friend?, Deram 1972)
16. Kelley Stoltz - "Star Cluster"
(In Triangle Time, Castle Face 2015)
17. Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Cobra Juicy"
(Cobra Juicy, Rad Cult 2012)