Random Old Records Podcast #56

Hey, folks! There was no episode of Random Old Records in October, truly sorry for the delay! I needed a little extra time to craft the perfect selection of tracks for this one. Episode #56 is a special 5-10-15-20 edition, which opens up the memory banks and goes back in time to the years 2011, 2006, 2001, and 1996. Looking back, none of these years were particularly "great" for music, but each one definitely has their fair share of jams!

In 2011, Thee Oh Sees kicked off a remarkable run of albums with the acid-folk creep of Castlemania. Meanwhile, The Beets delivered their excellent final LP Let The Poison Out before leader Juan Wauters started a solo career. A decade prior, Jersey post-hardcore rockers Rye Coalition unleashed THEIR final LP Curses, which had been in major label limbo for two years prior to release, and further south, Texas punks the Marked Men released their classic Fix My Brain.

2001 was the prime year for emo and post-hardcore, at least in my circle of friends at the time. Bands like Hey Mercedes and Hot Water Music were crafting anthems, while the remnants of Cap'n Jazz were crafting avant-fusion rock with Owls. Finally, the hour wraps up with a bunch of Britpop and indie rock from 1996, when both genres were in slight decline but still pumping out plenty of jams. In between the tracks are some vintage news stories to ramp up the nostalgia and complete the time capsule. Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I had putting it together. As always, thanks for listening, and stay tuned for episode #57 next month!

Random Old Records Podcast #56
Released 11/07/16
1. The Beets - "You Don't Want Kids To Be Dead"
(Let The Poison Out, Hardly Art 2011)
2. Thee Oh Sees - "I Need Seed"
(Castlemania, In The Red 2011)
3. Fungi Girls - "Doldrums"
(Some Easy Magic, Hozac 2011)
4. Cults - "Go Outside"
(Cults, In The Name Of 2011)
--2006: It's these damn gas prices!
5. Rye Coalition - "Pussyfootin'"
(Curses, Gern Blandsten 2006)
6. Damone - "Out Here All Night"
(Out Here All Night, Island 2006)
7. Marked Men - "Fix My Brain"
(Fix My Brain, Swami 2006)
8. The Pipettes - "Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me"
(We Are The Pipettes, Memphis Industries 2006)
9. The Long Blondes - "Separated By Motorways"
(Someone To Drive You Home, Rough Trade 2006)
--2001: Cincinnati explodes!
10. Jimmy Eat World - "Bleed American"
(Bleed American, Dreamworks 2001)
11. Hot Water Music - "Paper Thin"
(A Flight And A Crash, Epitaph 2001)
12. Hey Mercedes - "Eleven To Your Seven"
(Everynight Fire Works, Vagrant 2001)
13. Rival Schools - "Everything Has Its Point"
(United By Fate, Island 2001)
14. Owls - "Everyone Is My Friend"
(Owls, Jade Tree 2001)
--1996: The Superman Curse!!
15. Howlin' Maggie - "Alcohol"
(Honeysuckle Strange, Columbia 1996)
16. Ocean Colour Scene - "The Day We Caught The Train"
(Moseley Shoals, MCA 1996)
17. The Divine Comedy - "Becoming More Like Alfie"
(Casanova, Setanta 1996)
18. Lush - "Heavenly Nobodies"
(Lovelife, 4AD 1996)
19. Go Sailor - "Fine Day For Sailing"
(Go Sailor, Lookout 1996)