Random Old Records Podcast #60

I was spending a frenzied night at home getting this episode ready and while I was uploading it, a thought came into my head: November 2017 marks the NINTH year of Random Old Records Podcast. Sure, I've taken a few months or even years off at times, but this show remains my favorite hobby in the world. A lot has happened in that time, but I still love finding amazing jams and cutting them together into hourish-long podcasts. Hope you have as much fun listening to them as I do making them!

There isn't really a theme to EPISODE #60, except for a focus on newer music. It starts off with an anthem from Montana rockers Mordecai and a tense jangle bomb from Oakland's Rays, then features some non-one-word named bands like Erase Errata (PLEASE check out their reunion record from 2015) and Uranium Club, new tracks from shoegaze legends Lush and Slowdive, and a final section with classic 90s indie pop like World Of Pooh (also PLEASE check out the new reissue of their super-rare LP The Land Of Thirst, it is incredible) and The Spinanes.

The other big news this time around is that I have finally rejoined the real podcast world, and you can now SUBSCRIBE to Random Old Records via iTunes, Google Play, and RSS. If you love the podcast and don't want to miss an episode, please click one of the links around the page and sign up now, then consider writing a nice review when you do! Older episodes will also be added back to the feed as time goes on. You can also go the traditional route and stream or download the episode below. As always, thanks for listening!

Random Old Records Podcast #60
Released 11/16/2017
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1. Mordecai - "In A Hole"
(Abstract Recipe, Richie 2017)
2. Rays - "Theatre Of Lunacy"
(Rays, Trouble In Mind 2017)
3. Knife Pleats - "Things I Hold"
(Hat Bark Beach, Jigsaw 2015)
4. School Damage - "Particles"
(School Damage, Chapter Music 2017)
5. Bent - "Bless You"
(Mattress Springs 7", Emotional Response 2017)
6. Erase Errata - "Watch Your Language"
(Lost Weekend, Under The Sun 2015)
--Colonizing Mars!
7. Ausmuteants - "New Planet"
(Band Of The Future, Aarght 2016)
8. Uranium Club - "That Clown's Got A Gun"
(All Of Them Naturals, Fashionable Idiots 2017)
9. Savoy Motel - "Western Version Boogie"
(Savoy Motel, What's Your Rupture 2016)
10. Boss Hog - "White Sand"
(Boss Hog, DGC 1995)
11. Thee Oh Sees - "At The End, On The Stairs"
(An Odd Entrances, Castle Face 2016)
--Problems with the mail!
12. Lush - "Out Of Control"
(Blind Spot, Edamame 2016)
13. Slowdive - "No Longer Making Time"
(Slowdive, Dead Oceans 2017)
14. Molly Nilsson - "Money Never Dreams"
(Imaginations, Night School 2017)
15. Cold Beat - "62 Moons"
(Chaos By Invitation, Crime On The Moon 2017)
--Thank you!
16. Jeannie Pearl - "Maybe In Another Year"
(Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies From The Canyon, Numero Group 2017)
17. World Of Pooh - "Someone Wants You Dead"
(GHM 7", K 1990)
18. The Spinanes - "Valency"
(Strand, Sub Pop 1996)
19. Lois - "Flamer"
(Bet The Sky, K 1995)