Random Old Records Podcast #55

I'm few weeks late this time, but hopefully this selection of jams will be worth the wait! September brings the great news that Memphis weirdo blues rockers the Grifters have reissued their classic 1994 LP, Crappin' You Negative. This hot mess of ugly distortion, bent guitar duels, and loose-limbed grooves might be a bit dated, but it still bleeds passion and grit through the speakers like it did back then. I was lucky enough to see them on a reunion tour last year, and the addition of age, wisdom, and increased precision made them even more powerful. Here's tp the hope that they make more music!

Episode #55 of Random Old Records starts off with the Grifters aptly enough, then goes all over the map. You'll hear an absolute jangle-pop earworm from Paperhead bassist Peter Stringer-Hye, a classic Aussie punk jam from Kim Salmon and The Scientists, a brand-new song from Rangers, and a gross, Flipper-lovin' punk plod from Cleveland's Rubber Mate. Finally, in honor of my recent viewing of the Amphetamine Reptile/Tom Hazelmyer documentary The Color Of Noise, you get a ferocious track from Halo Of Flies, and like-minded jams from Laughing Hyenas and Chrome Cranks. As always, thanks for listening! I will be back in a few weeks, closer to a regular schedule I hope, with episode #56. This one will be a special "5-10-15-20" episode where I hop in the time machine to re-visit songs from 5, 10, 15, and 20 years ago! 2001 and 1996 were some strange and interesting times, for sure!

Random Old Records #55
Released 09/18/2016

1. Grifters - "Rats"
(Crappin' You Negative, Shangri-La 1994)
2. Archers Of Loaf - "Nevermind The Enemy"
(Vee Vee, Alias 1995)
3. Owls - "The Lion..."
(Two, Jade Tree 2014)
4. Josh Rouse - "Winter In The Hamptons"
(Nashville, Rykodisc 2005)
5. Peter Stringer-Hye - "When My Eyes Are Closed"
(Sunday Girls 7", Trouble In Mind 2016)
6. Canyon - "Ten Good Eyes"
(Empty Rooms, Gern Blandsten 2002)
--Heroes of the B Westerns!
7. The Scientists - "High Noon"
(The Scientists, EMI 1981)
8. Savoy Motel - "Souvenir Shop Rock"
(Hot One 7", Official Memorabilia 2016)
9. Rangers - "Never Again"
(Texas Rock Bottom, self-released 2016)
10. Beef Jerk - "Move Into The Ocean"
(Tragic, Trouble In Mind 2016)
11. Colleen Green - "Between The Lines"
(Colleen Green, Infinity Cat 2016)
12. Kitchen's Floor - "Doomed"
(Battle Of Brisbane, Hozac 1970)
--Regis vs. the punx!
13. Foster Care - "Justify To Me"
(Sterilization, Total Punk 2016)
14. Rubber Mate - "Floor Licker"
(Rub 'Em All 7", Saucepan 2016)
15. Halo Of Flies - "You Get Nothing"
(Music For Insect Minds, Amphetamine Reptile, 1991)
16. Killdozer - "Man Vs. Nature"
(Twelve Point Buck, Touch & Go 1991)
17. Laughing Hyenas - "Kick"
(Life Of Crime, Touch & Go 1989)
18. Chrome Cranks - "Little Johnny Jewel"

(Chrome Cranks 20th Anniversary Edition, Hozac 2015)