Random Old Records Podcast #70

This month, I felt a sudden shock of inspiration and this podcast seemed to appear instantly out of thin air! EPISODE #70 of Random Old Records started like many past ones have, with a song that I couldn't get out of my head.

In this case, it was the first track off the classic 1997 album by The Promise Ring, Nothing Feels Good. "Is This Thing On?" lit a spark in me that led to a set of incredible late '90s post-hardcore emo-punk-pop from Jets To Brazil, Superchunk, and others. From there, the episode flows into a bunch of recent jams from One Eleven Heavy, Shannon and the Clams, Exploded View, Mountain Movers, Dreamend, and so much more. If you like raw post-punk, rootsy guitars, and/or dreamy drones, there's something for you here, plus you'll get wild excerpts from the 1960 sci-fi classic Amazing Transparent Man!

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Random Old Records Podcast #70
Released 11/18/18
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1. The Promise Ring - "Is This Thing On?"
(Victim In Pain, Jade Tree 1997)
2. Smoking Popes - "Let Them Die"
(1991-1998, Double Zero 1999)
3. Superchunk - "The First Part"
(Foolish, Merge 1994)
4. Texas Is The Reason - "The Magic Bullet Theory"
(Do You Know Who You Are, Revelation 1996)
5. Jets To Brazil - "Resistance Is Futile"
(Orange Rhyming Dictionary, Jade Tree 1998)
--Amazing Transparent Man Part 1!
6. Coco Hames and John McCauley- "Tiny Pieces"
(Coco Hames, Merge 2017)
7. One Eleven Heavy - "Crosses"
(Everything's Better, Kith and Kin 2018)
8. Shannon & The Clams - "If You Could Know"
(Onion, Easy Eye 2018)
9. Liminanas - "Motorizatti Marie"
(Shadow People, Better Music 2018)
--Amazing Transparent Man Part 2!
10. Exploded View - "Sleepers"
(Obey, Sacred Bones 2018)
11. Dreamend - "Inside The Head Of A Monster"
(Dreamend, Graveface 2018)
12. Mountain Movers - "Snow Drift"
(Pink Skies, Trouble In Mind 2018)
13. The Shifters – "Carlisle"
(Have A Cunning Plan, Trouble In Mind 2018)
--Amazing Transparent Man Part 3!
14. The Shapes - "(I Saw) Bat Man (In The Launderette)"
(Messthetics #103: D.I.Y. 77-81 The Midlands 1, Hyped To Death 2007)
15. The Suburban Homes - "City Life"
(EP 3 7", Neck Chop 2018)
16. This Sporting Life - "Safe House"
(Alms For Children, Failsafe 2018)
17. The Dance Asthmatics - "PG"
(Lifetime Of Secretion, Ever/Never 2016)