Random Old Records Podcast #43

Random Old Records Podcast is back from its summer vacation! Not gonna try to make up any crazy excuses, the truth is that I was running low on inspiration after 3+ years of blogging and doing a monthly podcast, and decided to put it to rest for awhile instead of cranking 'em out just to keep the streak going.

Considering that it was four months in the making, EPISODE #43 of Random Old Records is a one hour MONSTER of fresh rock n' roll for your ears. It starts out with some ugly, noisy jams from Puffy Areolas and the K-Holes and crucial new punk rock from White Lung and Dikes Of Holland, hits the best tracks from the latest releases by The Fresh & Onlys, Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees, and highlights some psych pop newcomers like The Marble Vanity and Jacco Gardner. This edition hits all the bases from the noisiest free-form freakouts to tight power pop and everything in between. It's simply a collection of the best shit I've heard all year, and I hope you all have as much fun listening to it as I did putting it together. Let's all have fun together!

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Random Old Records #43
Released 09/14/12
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1. Puffy Areolas - "1982"
(1982: Dishonorable Discharge, HoZac 2012)
2. K-Holes - "Nightshifter"
(Dismania, Hardly Art 2012)
3. Holograms - "Memories Of Sweat"
(Holograms, Captured Tracks 2012)
4. White Lung - "Bag"
(Sorry, Deranged 2012)
5. Dikes Of Holland - "Braindead USA"
(Braindead USA, Screamers 2012)
6. A Giant Dog - "Hang Around"
(Fight, Tic Tac Totally 2012)
--Isle of sin!
7. Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs - "All To Myself"
(All To Myself 7", Hosehead 2012)
8. Mrs. Magician - "There Is No God"
(Strange Heaven, Swami 2012)
9. The Fresh & Onlys - "Yes Or No"
(Long Slow Dance, Mexican Summer 2012)
10. The Marble Vanity - "Assemble"
(The Marble Vanity, Slow Fizz 2012)
11. Thee Oh Sees - "Goodbye Baby"
(Putrifiers II, In The Red 2012)
12. Jacco Gardner - "Summer's Game"
(Where Will You Go 7", Trouble In Mind 2012)
--The narcotics story!
13. Apache Dropout - "Archie's Army"
(Bubblegum Graveyard, Trouble In Mind 2012)
14. The People's Temple - "Looter's Game"
(Looter's Game 7", HoZac 2012)
15. Ty Segall Band - "The Tongue"
(Slaughterhouse, In The Red 2012)
16. Human Eye - "Junkyard Heart"
(They Came From The Sky, Sacred Bones 2012)
17. Spanish Moss - "Chemical Catherine"
(KELP, Spot On Sound 2012)
--Walking by night!
18. Missing Monuments - "(I'm Gonna) Love You Back To Life"
(Love You Back To Life 7", HoZac 2012)
19. White Wires - "Everywhere You Were"
(WWIII, Dirtnap 2012)
20. Woollen Kits - "Down Your Street"
(Shelley 7", Trouble In Mind 2012)
21. Cozy - "Sugar On My Mind"
(Cola Shock Kids 7", HoZac 2012)
22. The Liminanas - "Bad Lady Goes To Jail"
(Crystal Anis, HoZac 2012)


Random Old Records Podcast #42

So yeah, after over three years and 41 monthly episodes, I needed a little break from Random Old Records Podcast. When I started thinking about EPISODE #42 back in March, there was just too much shit going on, and the inspiration wasn't there, so I figured it was best to take a break (my first!) and stack up tracks for awhile. I never imagined that I would actually get e-mails from people asking when the next episode would be out. Well, it was only two, but still! You guys rule, and I can't thank you enough for listening to Random Old Records and patronizing this blog, even though I haven't posted a goddamn thing for months.

Anyway, Random Old Records #42 is out, and I'm super proud of this one. This episode functions as a sort of "BEST OF 2012 SO FAR"-type playlist, featuring new tracks from Wax Idols, Natural Child, Gentleman Jesse, Nobunny, Heavy Cream, and Sugar Stems, a bunch of new releases on Trouble In Mind from The Resonars, The Paperhead, Hollows, and Estrogen Highs, Record Store Day Exclusives from Nobunny and The Black Angels, and so much MORE! Hope y'all dig it, check out the playlist below, and be on the lookout for #43 soon!

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Random Old Records Podcast #42
Released 06/04/2012
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1. Natural Child - "8 AM Blues"
(For The Love Of The Game, Burger 2012)
2. Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs - "Violent Girls"
(The Banana Split, Hosehead 2012)
3. The Tough Shits - "Birds (Don't Get Tired Of Flying)"
(The Tough Shits, Burger 2012)
4. Gentleman Jesse - "I'm A Mess"
(Leaving Atlanta, Douchemaster 2012)
5. Sugar Stems - "Never Been In Love"
(Like I Do 7", Certified PR 2012)
6. The Resonars - "Sit Right Down"
(Long Long Thoughts 7", Trouble In Mind 2012)
--Love, architecture, etc.
7. Wax Idols - "Schadenfreude"
(Schadenfreude 7", Suicide Squeeze 2012)
8. Rayon Beach - "Airplane With Tits"
(This Looks Serious, HoZac 2012)
9. Heavy Cream - "Tunnel Vision"
(Super Treatment, Infinity Cat 2012)
10. Nobunny - "I Can't Stop"
(Maximumrocknroll 7", Goner 2012)
11. The Hex Dispensers - "Young Blood In The River"
(Parallel 7", Red Lounge 2012)
12. Estrogen Highs - "Grass Of Leaves"
(Irrelevant Future, Trouble In Mind 2012)
--Beauty as a weapon!
13. The Black Angels - "She's Not There"
(RSD 7", Blue Horizon 2012)
14. Allah-Las - "Catamaran"
(Catamaran 7", Innovative Leisure 2012)
15. Outer Minds - "Gimme A Reason"
(Outer Minds, Southpaw 2012)
16. The Paperhead - "She Is Above Me"
(Pictures Of Her Demise 7", Trouble In Mind 2012)
17. Ty Segall & White Fence - "Easy Ryder"
(Hair, Drag City 2012)
--Deadly spawn!
18. Tiger High - "Boys At The Bottom"
(Myth Is This, Burger 2012)
19. Cosmonauts - "Gillian"
(If You Wanna Die Then I Wanna Die, Burger 2012)
20. Radar Eyes - "Disconnection"
(Radar Eyes, HoZac 2012)
21. Hollows - "Up & Down"
(Vulture, Trouble In Mind 2012)
22. Best Coast - "My Life"
(The Only Place, Mexican Summer 2012)


Random Old Records Podcast #41

Holy moly, things are crazy in the midwest right now! Tornadoes, hail, sunshine, and a huge pile of badass rock n' roll records to listen to are among the highlights. EPISODE #41 of Random Old Records features an hour of rad jams from what is shaping up to be one of the best music years on record. This is also South By Southwest week, so #41 features a bunch of bands playing the annual music orgy plus so much more!

We're talkin' amazing pop tunes from La Sera, Frankie Rose, and Summer Twins, raging punk from LA slackers FIDLAR, the noisy Ramones trip of Terry Malts, and the Denton weird power pop of Mind Spiders. We're talkin' brand NEW tracks from Portland's Mean Jeans and Guantanamo Baywatch, whose new LPs won't be out for another month. We're talkin' brain-frying psychedelic rock n' roll from The Sufis and Ketamines. Most of all, we're talkin' about a track called "Conversation" from one of the most impressive debut LPs I've heard in forever, the 60s sunshine pop/psych hybrid known as OUTER MINDS. Seriously, this album is so good that it's unreal. Think early Arthur Lee and Love mixed with the complex vocal harmonies of The Association, and just run to the record store NOW.

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Random Old Records Podcast #41
Released 03/15/12
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1. Summer Twins - "Got Somebody To Dream About"
(Summer Twins, Burger 2012)
2. La Sera - "Break My Heart"
(Sees The Light, Hardly Art 2012)
3. Frankie Rose - "Gospel/Grace"
(Interstellar, Slumberland 2012)
4. Dreamdate - "What Could I Do"
(Melody Walk, Tic Tac Totally 2011)
5. Camera Obscura - "Let's Get Out Of This Country"
(Let's Get Out Of This Country, Merge 2006)
6. Alicja Pop - "I Can't Remember"
(I Can't Remember 7", Neat Neat Neat 2011)
--Zombie beach party.
7. FIDLAR - "No Waves"
(No Waves/No Ass 7", Mom & Pop 2012)
8. Mean Jeans - "Life On Mars"
(On Mars, Dirtnap 2012)
9. Terry Malts - "Nauseous"
(Killing Time, Slumberland 2012)
10. Mind Spiders - "Play You Out"
(Meltdown, Dirtnap 2012)
11. Glow Kit - "Misunderstood"
(Glow Kit, FDH 2012)
12. XRay Eyeballs - "Pill Riders"
(Splendor Squalor, Kanine 2012)
--Hunx is FAMOUS!
13. Hunx - "Do You Remember Being A Roller?"
(Hairdresser Blues, Hardly Art 2012)
14. King Tuff - "Bad Thing"
(King Tuff, Sub Pop 2012)
15. Teenanger - "Frights"
(Frights, Telephone Explosion 2012)
16. Spider Fever - "Done Wrong"
(Spider Fever, Windian 2012)
17. Guantanamo Baywatch - "Chest Crawl"
(Chest Crawl, Dirtnap 2012)
--Australian new wave explosion!
18. Blasted Canyons - "Get High"
(2nd Place, Castleface 2012)
19. Teledrome - "Double Visions"
(Double Visions 7", HoZac 2012)
20. The Sufis - "Wake Up"
(The Sufis, Burger 2012)
21. Ketamines - "Spaced Out"
(Spaced Out, Southpaw 2012)
22. Outer Minds - "Conversation"
(Outer Minds, Southpaw 2012)