Random Old Records Podcast #74

It's a couple weeks later than I wanted, but Random Old Records is finally back! EPISODE #74 is a little bit messy. It's silly and sad, loud and soft, joyous and tense, goofy and awkward. Some of the transitions are a bit rough. There's some stuff here that sounds a little out-of-place if you're expecting hard-edged garage punk. Don't let all of that scare you off though, it's still loaded with jams!

#74 kicks off with a set of classic Britpop, finishing up a with fresh track from Lush/Elastica/Moose supergroup Piroshka, then careens from electronic pop by Yumi Zouma to long-awaited new music from Australian punks UV Race, to blistering rage from Control Top, to sweet piano pop from Girl Ray, to old-school Random Old Records favorites like People's Temple and Teledrime, to a whole bunch more new and old rock n' roll. It's one of the most frantic and emotional episodes I've ever done, so enjoy the ride!

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Random Old Records Podcast #74
Released 05/09/19
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1. Catherine Wheel - "Heal"
(Happy Days, Mercury 1995)
2. Mega City Four - "Greener"
(Magic Bullets, Big Life 1993)
3. Midway Still - "Counting Days"
(Life's Too Long, Roughneck 1993)
4. Piroshka - "Run For Your Life"
(Brickbat, Bella Union 2019)
--Mansion Of The Doomed!
5. Cherushii and Maria Minerva - "Out By Myself"
(Cherushii and Maria Minerva, 100% Silk 2019)
6. Yumi Zouma - "A Memory"
(Willowbank, Cascine 2017)
7. Girl Ray - "Stupid Things"
(Earl Grey, Moshi Moshi 2017)
8. Drugdealer - "London Nightmare"
(Raw Honey, Mexican Summer 2019)
--Up From The Depths!
9. The Stroppies - "Entropy"
(Whoosh, Tough Love 2019)
10. The UV Race - "Act Like Them"
(Made In China, Aarght 2019)
12. The Go-Betweens - "All About Strength"
(Send Me A Lullaby, Rough Trade 1982)
12. Constant Mongrel - "Warm Hands"
(Living In Excellence, Anti Fade 2018)
13. Parsnip - "Winter"
(Feeling Small 7", Anti Fade 2018)
14. People's Temple - "Waiting For Jim"
(Weekends Time, State Capital 2014)
15. Control Top - "Office Rage"
(Covert Contracts, Get Better 2019)
16. Masculinity Crisis - "Bus Stop"
(Spit On Me, self-released 2018)
17. Collate - "Communication"
(Communication 7", Market Square 2019)
18. Preening - "Flotilla"
(Gang Laughter, Digital Regress 2019)
19. Freak Genes - "Cold Ideas"
(III, Drunken Sailor 2019)
20. Teledrome - "Spirals"

(Teledrome, FDH 2014)