Random Old Records Podcast #42

So yeah, after over three years and 41 monthly episodes, I needed a little break from Random Old Records Podcast. When I started thinking about EPISODE #42 back in March, there was just too much shit going on, and the inspiration wasn't there, so I figured it was best to take a break (my first!) and stack up tracks for awhile. I never imagined that I would actually get e-mails from people asking when the next episode would be out. Well, it was only two, but still! You guys rule, and I can't thank you enough for listening to Random Old Records and patronizing this blog, even though I haven't posted a goddamn thing for months.

Anyway, Random Old Records #42 is out, and I'm super proud of this one. This episode functions as a sort of "BEST OF 2012 SO FAR"-type playlist, featuring new tracks from Wax Idols, Natural Child, Gentleman Jesse, Nobunny, Heavy Cream, and Sugar Stems, a bunch of new releases on Trouble In Mind from The Resonars, The Paperhead, Hollows, and Estrogen Highs, Record Store Day Exclusives from Nobunny and The Black Angels, and so much MORE! Hope y'all dig it, check out the playlist below, and be on the lookout for #43 soon!

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Random Old Records Podcast #42
Released 06/04/2012
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1. Natural Child - "8 AM Blues"
(For The Love Of The Game, Burger 2012)
2. Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs - "Violent Girls"
(The Banana Split, Hosehead 2012)
3. The Tough Shits - "Birds (Don't Get Tired Of Flying)"
(The Tough Shits, Burger 2012)
4. Gentleman Jesse - "I'm A Mess"
(Leaving Atlanta, Douchemaster 2012)
5. Sugar Stems - "Never Been In Love"
(Like I Do 7", Certified PR 2012)
6. The Resonars - "Sit Right Down"
(Long Long Thoughts 7", Trouble In Mind 2012)
--Love, architecture, etc.
7. Wax Idols - "Schadenfreude"
(Schadenfreude 7", Suicide Squeeze 2012)
8. Rayon Beach - "Airplane With Tits"
(This Looks Serious, HoZac 2012)
9. Heavy Cream - "Tunnel Vision"
(Super Treatment, Infinity Cat 2012)
10. Nobunny - "I Can't Stop"
(Maximumrocknroll 7", Goner 2012)
11. The Hex Dispensers - "Young Blood In The River"
(Parallel 7", Red Lounge 2012)
12. Estrogen Highs - "Grass Of Leaves"
(Irrelevant Future, Trouble In Mind 2012)
--Beauty as a weapon!
13. The Black Angels - "She's Not There"
(RSD 7", Blue Horizon 2012)
14. Allah-Las - "Catamaran"
(Catamaran 7", Innovative Leisure 2012)
15. Outer Minds - "Gimme A Reason"
(Outer Minds, Southpaw 2012)
16. The Paperhead - "She Is Above Me"
(Pictures Of Her Demise 7", Trouble In Mind 2012)
17. Ty Segall & White Fence - "Easy Ryder"
(Hair, Drag City 2012)
--Deadly spawn!
18. Tiger High - "Boys At The Bottom"
(Myth Is This, Burger 2012)
19. Cosmonauts - "Gillian"
(If You Wanna Die Then I Wanna Die, Burger 2012)
20. Radar Eyes - "Disconnection"
(Radar Eyes, HoZac 2012)
21. Hollows - "Up & Down"
(Vulture, Trouble In Mind 2012)
22. Best Coast - "My Life"
(The Only Place, Mexican Summer 2012)