Random Old Records Podcast #51

Hey, folks!! Another month has gone by, and now here's a brand new episode of Random Old Records Podcast to (possibly) bring some joy to your life and (hopefully) break up the monotony. This time around, it starts off with a run of classic country and country-rock, including the maddeningly catchy "Mare, Take Me Home" by Wildweeds, and the acoustic beauty of "She's My Girl" by UK rockers Help Yourself. Then, there's a detour into the amazing new Numero Group compilation Cosmic American Music for a track by private press journeyman Allan Wachs, which is bursting with spooky highway Seger vibes.

Elsewhere, you will hear tough-edged power pop from Mama and Mother's Children, a track from the underrated last Warm Soda LP, and a set of blazing old and new hardcore from around the US. On the tour is Cincinnati's own Everyday Objects, Rüz from St. Louis, Stuck Pigs from DC, and Poison Idea from Portland. Finally, you get a set of goth-pop including three of the best vocalists in rock n' roll today: Hether Fortune of Wax Idols, Jess Poplawski of Survival, and Haley Morris of Pleasure Leftists.

You can download the episode HERE. As always, thanks for listening! I am still in the process of adding old episodes to the archives, so check back frequently for some fresh old jams, and come back next month for episode #52, which will have a pile of mellow summertime psych and a whole lot more!!

Random Old Records Podcast #51

Released 05/05/16
1. Jim Ford - "Harlan County"
(Harlan County, Sundown 1969)
2. Chuck Wells - "Down And Out"
(God Less America, Crypt 1995)
3. Kris Kristofferson - "The Best Of All Possible Worlds"
(Kristofferson, Monument 1970)
4. Wildweeds - "Mare, Take Me Home"
(Wildweeds, Vanguard 1970)
5. Help Yourself - "She's My Girl"
(Beware The Shadow, United Artists 1973)
6. Allen Wachs - "Mountain Roads"
(Wayfaring Strangers: Cosmic American Music, Numero 2016)
--Well, whoop-de-do!!
7. The Barreracudas - "Promises"
(Can Do Easy, Oops Baby 2015)
8. Mama - "Open Secret"
(Speed Trap 7", Hozac 2015)
9. Mother's Children - "Talk To Her"
(Lemon, Resurrection 2014)
10. Warm Soda - "Just Like Me Before"
(Symbolic Dream, Castleface 2015)
--Just go off!
11. Broken Prayer - "Kid"
(Misanthropocentric, Sorry State 2015)
12. Everyday Objects - "Versus The Crown"
(Demo 2015, self-released 2015)
13. Rüz - "Stabbed In The Back"
(Rüz 7", Lumpy 2016)
14. Stuck Pigs - "Bleed Like..."
(Bleed Like..., Out For Blood 2015)
15. Fang - "Landshark"
(Landshark, Boner 1983)
16. Poison Idea - "Made To Be Broken"
(Kings Of Punk, Pusmort 1986)
--Vampire club!
17. Screaming For Emily - "The Love"
(Killed By Deathrock Vol. 1, Sacred Bones 2014)
18. Wax Idols - "Severely Yours"
(American Tragic, Collect 2015)
19. Survival - "Taboo"
(Walk Into The Fire, Electric Dissent 2015)
20. Pleasure Leftists - "A New Name"
(The Woods Of Heaven, Deranged 2015)