Random Old Records Podcast #63

It's February 2018 and Valentine's Day was last week. Since love is still in the air and because everybody's got problems in this world, EPISODE #63 of Random Old Records is taking on the twin themes of love and dread. Check out an hour's worth of jams that are hand-picked by a real person, not an algorithm!

Starting off with some classic romantic tunes from Carl Carlton and the Chi-Lites, the episode moves through more love-themed soul classics and a few recent highlights from the Stones Throw label, then drops in some tense indie jangle from The Popguns and brooding rock from Northern Kentucky masters The Light Wires before finishing up with a stack of new post-punk and goth atmospheres. UK rockers Shame are one of the best bands I've heard in awhile, so please do check out their debut LP, Songs Of Praise.

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Random Old Records Podcast #63
Released 02/20/2018
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1. Carl Carlton - "You Can't Stop A Man In Love"
(You Can't Stop A Man In Love, Back Beat 1973)
2. The Chi-Lites - "I Want To Pay You Back (For Loving Me)"
(Give More Power To The People, Brunswick 1971)
3. Odyssey - "Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love"
(Odyssey, MoWest 1972)
4. Tuxedo - "Back In Town"
(Tuxedo II, Stones Throw 2017)
5. The O'Neal Twins - "Wake Up Everybody"
(Christians Catch Hell: Gospel Roots 1976-79, Honest Jon's 2015)
6. Donny Hathaway - "Je Vous Aime (I Love You)"
(Everything Is Everything, Atco 1970)
7. Mighty Duke - "Be Yourself"
(Tropical Disco Hustle, Cultures Of Soul 2014)
8. Silk Rhodes - "Realtime"
(Silk Rhodes, Stones Throw 2014)
9. Ormandy - "Good Day"
(Michigan Brand Nuggets, Belvedere 1996)
10. The Popguns - "Where Do You Go (Flexi Version)"
(C88, Cherry Red 2017)
11. The Light Wires - "The Hum Of Black Machines"
(The Light Wires/The Invisible Hand, SofaBurn 2017)
12. Dark Blue - "Never Wanted To Hurt You"
(Start Of The World, 12XU 2016)
--The redeemer!
13. Siouxsie & The Banshees - "Spellbound"
(Juju, PVC 1981)
14. Rakta - "Atrativos Da Mentira"
(Oculto Pelos Seres 7", Iron Lung 2017)
15. Skeletal Family - "Promised Land"
(Killed By Deathrock Vol. 2, Sacred Bones 2016)
16. Feature - "Reeling"
(Banishing Ritual, Upset The Rhythm 2017)
17. Shame - "Lampoon"
(Songs Of Praise, Dead Oceans 2018)


Random Old Records Podcast #62

Happy new year, Random Old Records Podcast is back! EPISODE #62 kicks off 2018 with nineteen fresh jams that sound like tires on the road, wings in the air, feet on the ground, and fire in the hills. If your new year's resolution was to check out some new music, well here's your opportunity!

The first set of tracks has a distinct, down-low country-rock feel, with rare tracks by Morning and Bernie Schwartz, and the classic 1959 prison-break stomper "Run" by Stonewall Jackson. You'll then hear a fiery track from Greg Ashley's 2017 record Pictures Of Saint Paul Street, some rare '60s garage by Art Guy from Rhino's under-the-radar new compilation of West Coast Nuggets, more new jams from Widowspeak, Lower Plenty, and James Elkington, plus a whole lot more!

Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to Random Old Records via iTunes, Google Play, or RSS. If you like the show, please rate it and write a review! You can also go the traditional route and stream or download the episode below. As always, thanks for listening! We'll be back in 2018!

Random Old Records Podcast #62
Released 01/15/2018
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1. Little Feat - "Easy To Slip"
(Sailin' Shoes, Warner Bros 1971)
2. The Dillards - "Nobody Knows"
(Wheatstraw Suite, Elektra 1968)
3. Morning - "Tell Me A Story"
(Morning, Vault 1970)
4. Bernie Schwartz - "Think It's Gonna Rain Today"
(The Wheel, Coburt 1970)
5. Stonewall Jackson - "Run"
(The Hangman's Blues: Prison Songs In Country Music 1956-1972, Omni 2016)
--It's Polavision!
6. Greg Ashley - "Goodbye Saint Paul Street"
(Pictures Of Saint Paul Street, Trouble In Mind 2017)
7. Dick Campbell - "The People Planners"
(It's Zimmerman's World, Pet 2013)
8. Art Guy - "Where You Wanna Go"
(Transparent Days: West Coast Nuggets, Rhino 2017)
9. Link Cromwell - "Crazy Like A Fox"
(Ork Records: New York, New York, Numero 2015)
10. Fabienne Delsol - "I'm Gonna Catch Me A Rat"
(Between You And Me, Damaged Goods 2007)
--Psychic friends!
11. Drugdealer - "The End Of Comedy"
(The End Of Comedy, Weird World 2016)
12. John Andrews & The Yawns - "Drivers"
(Bad Posture, Woodsist 2017)
13. Tidewater - "Wild Horse Plains"
(Follow The Sun, Anthology 2017)
14. Widowspeak - "Dog"
(Expect The Best, Captured Tracks 2017)
--Stereos, stereos, stereos!
15. Lower Plenty - "So It Goes"
(Sister Sister, Bedroom Suck 2016)
16. James Elkington - "Grief Is Not Coming"
(Wintres Woma, Paradise Of Bachelors 2017)
17. The Lentils - "Brattleboro Is Flooding"
(Brattleboro Is Flooding, Feeding Tube 2015)
18. The Three O'Clock - "Fall To The Ground"
(Sixteen Tambourines, Frontier 1983)
19. The Wallabys - "Feeling High"
(Feeling High: The Psychedelic Sound Of Memphis, Big Beat 2012)