Random Old Records Podcast #69

Hey folks! Another month has gone by and it's time for a brand new hour of Random Old Records! EPISODE #69 features 28 massive tracks of new and old punk, rock, and punk rock. There's so much good stuff I can't talk about it all, but let's give it a shot, OK?

All of the aggression is front-loaded, kicking off the episode with some hardcore thrash classics by Agnostic Front and Murphy's Law, new-school viciousness from Arms Race and Night Prowler, archival rarities from Crucial Change and The Presence, and recent death-rock by Blank Spell and Screature. The show then winds its way through off-kilter post-punk (Terry, Table Sugar, Collate) and jangle-punk (Primo, Smoking Trees, Ethers), before finishing up with anthemic pop-punk (Martha, Remember Sports). If you like upbeat tunes, this is your episode! 

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Random Old Records Podcast #69
Released 10/21/18
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1. Agnostic Front - "Victim In Pain"
(Victim In Pain, Rat Cage 1984)
2. Arms Race - "24 Hours"
(The Beast 7", La Vida Es Un Mus 2018)
3. Night Prowler - "World Of Abuse"
(Crucible Of Power, Kram 2018)
4. Murphy's Law - "Care Bear"
(Murphy's Law, Profile 1986)
5. Big Boys - "Advice"
(Where's My Towel/Industry Standard, Wasted Talent 1981)
6. The Presence - "Disease"
(Bloodstains Across Canada, Bloodstains 2015)
7. Crucial Change - "Running Scared"
(I've Got The Bible Belt Around My Throat, Foreign Legion 2018)
8. Blank Spell - "Untouchable World"
(Miasma, World Gone Mad 2017)
9. Screature - "Metapsychosis"
(Old Hand New Wave, Ethel Scull 2018)
--Yellow Hair Part 1!
10. Milk Lines - "Can I Stand In Your Sun"
(Ceramic, In The Red 2015)
11. The Cowboys - "I Hope She's OK"
(The Cowboys, Hozac 2017)
12. UV-TV - "Lilith"
(Glass, Deranged 2017)
13. Cruddy – "Burn It Down"
(Negative World, 12XU 2008)
14. Pineapple RnR - "Rain Cage"
(Pineapple Rik N Roll 7", Lumpy 2018)
15. Table Sugar - "No Es Nada (Version 3)"
(Collected Acknowledgements, Stucco 2018)
16. Collate - "Occurrences"
(Liminal Concerns, Collate 2018)
--Yellow Hair Part 2!
17. Terry - "The Whip"
(I'm Terry, Upset The Rhythm 2018)
18. Primitive Parts - "Signal"
(Parts Primitive, Trouble In Mind 2015)
19. Primo - "Bronte Blues"
(Amici, Upset The Rhythm 2018)
20. The Smoking Trees - "It's Up To You"
(The Archer And The Bull, Burger 2016)
21. Ethers - "Carry What You Kill"
(Ethers, Trouble In Mind 2018)
22. Mazes - "Cenetaph"
(A Thousand Heys, Fat Cat 2011)
--Yellow Hair Part 3!
23. The Love-Birds - "December (Get To You)"
(In The Lover's Corner, Trouble In Mind 2018)
24. Bruiser Queen - "Have Fun"
(Heavy High, Certified PR 2017)
25. Proud Parents - "Hypnotoad"
(Proud Parents, Dirtnap 2018)
26. Swearin' - "Margaret"
(Fall Into The Sun, Merge 2018)
27. Remember Sports - "Calling Out"
(Slow Buzz, Father/Daughter 2018)
28. Martha - "Ice Cream And Sunscreen"
(Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart, Dirtnap 2016)

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