Random Old Records Podcast #53

Well, I spent a little over a month going through my modest collection of 7" vinyl and have picked out 28 tracks, both A's and B's. Episode #53 of Random Old Records is dedicated to the EP, the single, the 45, the seven inch vinyl record! Though it sometimes sucks to get up and flip a record over every couple of minutes, the 7" is unmatched in its ability to get the heart racing. Like a slap in the face, the best singles make their mark, get in, and get out. You can grab the latest episode HERE.

The singles I pulled for this podcast mostly fall into three main categories. First is a batch of mid-90s era punk rock, from back when the ads in Maximumrocknroll were my primary source of record shopping in my small Ohio town. I used to fold up my lunch money in a piece of paper, mail it across the country, and wait 6-8 weeks for these jams, and I'm not about to launch into a crabby old man bit about how it made me appreciate them more, If I had been offered a Paypal account and tracking numbers back in 1995, I would have snapped them right up!! I still spin the stack of crucial singles from Rip-Off Records (you'll hear a ripper from Teengenerate in this episode) all of the time, along with the singles from Indiana pop-punkers The Beautys and kinda-terrible-but-also-amazing Screeching Weasel-clones Everready.

This isn't a total nostalgia trip though, because ROR #53 is mostly filled with rock n' roll of recent vintage, with a heavy saturation of selections from Florida's incredible Total Punk label. Each release from Total Punk comes in a white paper sleeve with a hand-stamped cover, and presents the best in modern punk rock from the likes of Life Stinks, Midnite Snaxxx, Slugga, and Vatican Dagger. You'll also hear songs from the Lumpy Records stable, another label that specializes in contemporary punk rock with inspired, home-spun sleeve designs. Dig that filthy hardcore blast "Wash Up", by Calgary degenerates Glitter!

Finally, we finish up with some tracks from my favorite flea market finds. Who knew that the B-Side of the bubblegum classic "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)" was a lush, harmonized bit of sunshine pop that's at least 78% as good as its more famous flip? In contrast, The Peppermint Trolley Company's heady, psychosis-psych popper "9 O'Clock Business Man" fits perfectly on the B-Side, and it was comped on the first volume of Soft Sounds For Gentle People. I nearly fainted when I found that one! As always, thanks for listening, and if you dig Random Old Records, tell your friends about me! I'll be back in the first week of August with even more jams!

Random Old Records Podcast #53

Released 06/02/16
1. Penetration - "Firing Squad"
(Side A, Virgin VS213, 1978)
2. Midnite Snaxxx - "Pull Down The Shades"
(Side B, Total Punk TPR-28, 2015)
3. Nasty Facts - "Crazy About You"
(Side B, Bush Pig BPR-002, 2015)
4. The Beautys - "Sweetheart Sweetheart"
(Side A, House O' Pain HOP-019, 1997)
5. Kamala & The Karnivores - "Bone Bouquet"
(Side B, Lookout #16, 1989)
6. C.C.T.V. - "Anxiety"
(Side A, Lumpy 9203, 2015)
7. Violence Creeps - "Drop Out"
(Side A, Veecee, 2015)
8. Frau - "EBD"
(Side A, self-released FR01, 2015)
--The ability to change your life!
9. Vanilla Muffins - "Always On The Wrong Side"
(Side A, Black Hole HO-013, 1996)
10. Crown Court - "Jack Jones"
(Side A, Rebellion RR124, 2015)
11. Teengenerate - "Out Of Sight"
(Side A, Rip-Off #008, 1995)
12. Spodie - "17 & Stupid"
(Side A, Cult Of Teen COT #001, 1997)
13. Everready - "Never Walk Away"
(Side A, Campground CR003, 1993)
14. Heavy Times - "Bad Brother"
(Side B, Hozac HZR-180, 2016)
--The local record shop!
15. Electric Eels - "Jaguar Ride"
(Side A, Hozac HZR-145, 2014)
16. Menthol - "Inner Trip"
(Side B, Not Normal NNT#049 3/4, 2016)
17. The Dils - "I Hate The Rich"
(Side A, Superior Viaduct SV080, 2015)
18. Life Stinks - "Sweep It Under The Rug"
(Side B, Total Punk TPR-24, 2014)
19. Glitter - "Wash Up"
(Side A, Lumpy, 2016)
20. Slugga - "Parasite"
(Side A, Total Punk TPR-31, 2015)
21. Vatican Dagger - "The Mess"
(Side B, Total Punk TPR-30, 2015)
22. Urochromes - "Country Joe"
(Side A, Lumpy #52, 2016)
23. The Pacifics - "Say You Love Me"
(Side A, Mistkafer MR-45 02, 2015)
24. The Fresh & Onlys - "Laughter Is Contagious"
(Side , Trouble In Mind TIM003, 2010)
25. The Dentists - "Burning The Thoughts From My Skin"
(Side B, Trouble In Mind TIM075, 2014)
26. Lewis & Clarke Expedition - "Blue Revelations"
(Side A, Colgems 66-1006 1967)
27. Edison Lighthouse - "Every Lonely Day"
(Side B, Bell 858, 1970)
28. The Peppermint Trolley Company - "9 O'Clock Business Man"
(Side B, Acta 45-814, 1968)