Random Old Records Podcast #67

Sometimes Random Old Records takes a lot of work to put together, but this one fell together smooth and easy. I guess it makes sense that the general vibe of EPISODE #67 is nice and laid back as well, coasting on twanging guitars, harmonies both cheesy and transcendent, pounding pianos, burbling electric organs, lots of woah oh's, shout-outs to comic book characters, and real-deal emotions.

That's just a long-winded way to say that you will hear classic pub rock from Brinsley Schwarz and Eggs Over Easy, new excitement from Greg Ashley, The Golden Boys, and Lavender Flu, and a cherry-picked selection of raw and rare private-press soul and psychedelic rock from some amazing compilations. Tune out of the insanity of the world for an hour and dive into some adventurous and soothing jams!

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Random Old Records Podcast #67
Released 08/23/18
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1. Soledad Brothers - "Michigan Line"
(Steal Your Soul And Dare Your Spirit To Move, Estrus 2002)
2. The Lemon Twigs - "Why Didn't You Say That"
(Brothers Of Destruction, 4AD 2017)
3. Eggs Over Easy - "Henry Morgan"
(Good N' Cheap, A&M 1972)
4. Greg Ashley - "The Thick Red Line"
(Fiction Is Non-Fiction 7", Dusty Medical 2018)
5. The Golden Boys - "Cincinnati"
(Better Than Good Times, 12XU 2017)
--out in the world!
6. Roland Eaton - "Hippie From The Hills"
(Stax Country, Craft Recordings 2017)
7. The City - "Paradise Alley"
(Now That Everything's Been Said, Ode 1968)
8. Bonny Doon - "Try To Be"
(Longwave, Woodsist 2018)
9. Promised Land Sound - "Otherworldly Pleasures"
(For Use And Delight, Paradise Of Bachelors 2015)
10. The Lavender Flu - "Ceiling Of Skin"
(Mow The Glass, In The Red 2018)
--no credit!
11. Brinsley Schwarz - "Range War"
(Silver Pistol, United Artists 1972)
12. Nick Garrie - "Stephanie City"
(The Nightmare Of JB Stanislas, Disc AZ, 1968)
13. The Fifth Avenue Band – "One Way Or Another"
(The Fifth Avenue Band, Reprise 1969)
14. The Tydes - "Say Boy"
(Bob Holmes' Nashville Soul, Kent 2017)
15. Scott Three - "Runnin' Wild (Ain't Gonna Help You)"
(Afterschool Special: The 123s Of Kid Soul, Numero Group 2016)
16. Brand New Faces - "I Don't Wanna Cry"
(South Side Story Vol. 23, Numero Group 2014)
--Be a care more person!
17. Bernie Hayes - "Cool Strut Pt. 1"
(Never To Be Forgotten: The Flip Side Of Stax 1968-1974, Light In The Attic 2012)
18. Bobby Stroup - "Wait For Me"
(Praise Poems, Tramp 2015)
19. Tom Hartman - "Sunshine Woman"
(Bonehead Crushers Volume 2, Belter 2012)
20. Bulbous Creation - "End Of The Page"
(Local Customs: Cavern Sound, Numero Group 2012)