Random Old Records Podcast #66

2018 is rolling on, and Random Old Records podcast is back! EPISODE #66 is a set of tracks for this hot and uncomfortable summer. Whether you're sweating it out in the streets or hibernating under a pile of blankets in your sweet, sweet air conditioned room, there's a little something for everyone to enjoy.

The past year or so has brought an amazing wave of angry, confrontational hardcore and punk rock, and the first quarter of the show highlights some ferocious tracks from Exotica, Patsy, Kaleidoscope, and Gen Pop. The crucial UK label La Vida Es Un Mus features heavily in this set; every release they put out is worth a listen. From there, the podcast takes a dreamier turn, with folky psych-rock from Heron Oblivion and Dana Gillespie, rootsy pop from Del Shannon, The Paperhead, and Shannon Shaw, and even a little moody synth from Rizzo and Century Palm. In between tracks, you will hear snippets from the wild 1985 Canadian psychic horror movie Eternal Evil. Go ahead, leave your body!

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Random Old Records Podcast #66
Released 07/22/18
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1. Runt - "Positions Of Power"
(Positions Of Power, La Vida Es Un Mus 2018)
2. Exotica - "Ser Nada"
(Musique Exotique #2, La Vida Es Un Mus 2017)
3. Gumming - "Indrid Cold"
(Human Values, Not Normal 2018)
4. Gen Pop - "No Change"
(II 7", Feel It 2018)
5. Vanilla Poppers - "Footsteps"
(Vanilla Poppers, Lumpy 2017)
6. Patsy - "Society Ape"
(LA Women, La Vida Es Un Mus 2017)
7. Prom Nite - "Living For The Weekend"
(Dancing To This Beat, Barfbag 2017)
8. Kaleidoscope - "Memory Failure"
(2017 7", D4MT Labs 2018)
9. Lithics - "Home"
(Mating Surfaces, Kill Rock Stars 2018)
10. Flasher - "Who's Got Time"
(Constant Image, Domino 2018)
--Eternal Evil (1985) Part 1!
11. Broken Water - "High-Lo"
(Wrought, Night People 2016)
12. Heron Oblivion - "Sudden Lament"
(Heron Oblivion, Sub Pop 2016)
13. Dana Gillespie – "Foolish Seasons"
(Foolish Seasons, London 1968)
14. Condello - "Oh No"
(Phase 1, Scepter 1968)
--Eternal Evil (1985) Part 2!
15. Rizzo - "I Don't Care"
(Public Animal, No Fun 1980)
16. Century Palm - "King Of John St."
(Meet You, Deranged 2017)
17. Ryley Walker - "Opposite Middle"
(Deafman Glance, Dead Oceans 2018)
18. The Paperhead - "Over And Over"
(Chew, Trouble In Mind 2017)
--Eternal Evil (1985) Part 3!
19. Judy Bramlett - "Deja Vu"
(Feeling High: The Psychedelic Sound Of Memphis, Big Beat 2012)
20. Del Shannon - "Gemini"
(The Further Adventures Of Charles Westover, Liberty 1968)
21. Shannon Shaw - "Make Believe"
(Shannon In Nashville, Easy Eye 2018)
22. Doug Tuttle - "Painted Eye"
(It Calls On Me, Trouble In Mind 2016)
23. The Academy - "Munching The Candy"
(Pop-Lore According To The Academy, Morgan Blue Town 1969)