Random Old Records Podcast #58

Happy February to you all! Everyone seems to be on edge lately due to the new president and the strange weather patterns moving their way across the United States, so what better way to turn off your brain and relax than a brand new episode of Random Old Records! I've already broken my resolution of putting these out on time, but hopefully the quality of this one will keep you listening!

EPISODE #58 kicks off with the hard funk of The Jimmy Castor Bunch, and flows into some rare grooves by Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces and Universal Togetherness Band, then drops in a brand new track from Foxygen, one of the best bands going right now in my opinion. They have dialed back the experimentation of their previous LP ...And Star Power and replaced it with lush arrangements and a bombastic Disney/Broadway vibe on the killer track "Follow The Leader". DEFINITELY go pick up the new record Hang when you get a chance!

Then, we go deeper into the land of Southern Soul and heavy horn and string arrangements with some classics from Stax and Bobbie Gentry, and some more kickin' country rock from New Riders Of The Purple Sage and Sir Douglas (country rock has been my JAM as of late!). We then come back to the present and finish up with some dreamy jangle from the Liminanas, Chook Race, and Shantih Shantih. All in all, it's a full sixty minutes and two seconds of great music to calm your shattered nerves and give you a little peace of mind. Stream or download the episode below, and as always, thanks for listening!

Random Old Records Podcast #58
Released 02/21/2017
1. The Jimmy Castor Bunch - "It's Just Begun"
(It's Just Begun, RCA 1972)
2. The Promise - "I'm Not Ready For Love"
(Eccentric Soul: A Red Black & Green Production, Numero 2012)
3. Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces - "What Is That You Got?"
(Dedication Of Love, Phinal Sound 1976)
4. Fran Farley - "Cold Blooded Sally"
(Groove With A Feeling,Ace 2015)
5. Universal Togetherness Band - "Pull Up"
(Ultra-High Frequencies: The Chicago Party, Numero 2015)
6. Johnny "Guitar" Watson - "Ain't That A Bitch"
(Ain't That A Bitch, DJM 1976)
--Get those bells up!
7. Foxygen - "Follow The Leader"
(Hang, Jagjaguwar 2017)
8. William Bell & Mavis Staples - "Love's Sweet Sensation"
(Boy Meets Girl, Stax 1969)
9. Bobbie Gentry - "Niki Hoeky"
(Ode To Billie Joe, Capitol 1967)
10. Bobby Charles - "Small Town Talk"
(Bobby Charles, Bearsville 1972)
11. New Riders Of The Purple Sage - "Important Exportin' Man"
(The Adventures Of Panama Red, Columbia 1973)
12. The Sir Douglas Band - "Texas Tornado"
(Texas Tornado, Atlantic 1973)
--Street People!
13. The Liminanas - "Garden Of Eden"
(Malamore, Hozac 2016)
14. Chook Race - "Sometimes"
(Around The House, Trouble In Mind 2016)
15. Scott & Charlene's Wedding - "Don't Bother Me"
(Mid Thirties Single Scene, Fire 2016)
16. EZTV - "There Goes My Girl"
(Calling Out, Captured Tracks 2015)
17. Shantih Shantih - "Come To Me"
(Winter In September, Dusty Medical 2016)
18. Simi Stone - "Benny"
(Simi Stone, Reveal 2015)


Random Old Records Podcast #57

It's a brand new year, and to celebrate 2017, here's a brand new episode of Random Old Records Podcast! My new year's resolution is to get back to a regular schedule and release a new episode once a month, so hopefully I can stick to it! Doing this podcast is amazing fun, but it's only a hobby and I just don't have as much time to work on it as I would like. I'm also hoping to have more old episodes re-uploaded in the near future as well, so be on the lookout!

Episode #57 is filled with the sounds of the times. Most of the hour contains raging, angry punk rock from the year 2016, including nihilistic statements of protest from bands like Violence Creeps, Mongoloid, Pure Disgust, Anxiety, and Watery Love. The punk of 2016 was more diverse and stylistically challenging than it has been in awhile. These songs clearly prove that the "music is going to get great again in the next four years" crowd just isn't paying close enough attention.

60 straight minutes of bludgeoning rock n' roll can be a little monotonous, no matter how great it might be, so this episode contains a soft middle of bubblegum and country-rock that features a song from Hozac's crucial reissue of late-70s UK rockers Charlie 'Ungry, some cherry-picked compilation tracks, a super-catchy twangy obcurity by Swampwater, and a knockout hit from the Cowsills. Stream it or download it below, and as always, thanks for listening!

Random Old Records Podcast #57

Released 01/02/16
1. Action Swingers- "Kicked In The Head"
(Quit While You're Ahead, In The Red 2015)
2. Watery Love - "Ned's Dreamcatcher"
(Ned's Dreamcatcher 7", Richie 2016)
3. Violence Creeps - "Back And To The Left"
(The Gift of Music, Total Punk 2016)
4. Anxiety - "The Worst"
(Anxiety MLP, La Vida Es Un Mus 2016)
5. Video - "Drink It In"
(The Entertainers, Third Man 2015)
6. Negative Trend - "Meathouse"
(Negative Trend 7", Heavy Manners 1978)
7. Charlie 'Ungry - "House On Chester Road"
(Who Is My Killer? 7", Hozac 2016)
8. Rudy Preston - "Poor White Trash"
(Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wasteland Vol. 1, Trailer Park 2006)
9. Jeff Cowell - "Not Down This Low"
(Wayfaring Strangers: Cosmic American Music, Numero Group 2016)
10. Swampwater - "Big Bayou"
(Swampwater, King 1971)
11. Townes Van Zandt - "Where I Lead Me"
(Delta Momma Blues, Poppy 1971)
12. Jack Reeves - "The Gun Slinger"
(Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wasteland Vol. 1, Trailer Park 2006)
13. The Cowsills - "Make The Music Flow"
(Captain Sad & His Ship Of Fools, MGM 1969)
--Wild In The Sky!
14. Flipper - "Ever"
(Album: Generic Flipper, Subterranean 1982)
15. Piss Test - "Macy's"
(Biggest Band In Europe, Taken By Surprise 2014)
16. Cremalleras - "Ex-Novios"
(Cremalleras, Cintas Pepe 2013)
17. Enamel - "Gimme Power"
(Demo, self-released 2016)
18. Pure Disgust - "Scumbag"
(Pure Disgust, Katorga Works 2016)
19. Leather Towel - "Too Much On"
(Leather Towel IV, Hozac 2016)
20. Mongoloid - "Mongoloid Part 2"
(Plays Rock And Roll, Deranged 2016)
21. NASA Space Universe - "Building"
(70 AD, Feel It 2016)
22. Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - "Cheater's Heaven"
(Bait And Switch, Onion 1995)


Random Old Records Podcast #56

Hey, folks! There was no episode of Random Old Records in October, truly sorry for the delay! I needed a little extra time to craft the perfect selection of tracks for this one. Episode #56 is a special 5-10-15-20 edition, which opens up the memory banks and goes back in time to the years 2011, 2006, 2001, and 1996. Looking back, none of these years were particularly "great" for music, but each one definitely has their fair share of jams!

In 2011, Thee Oh Sees kicked off a remarkable run of albums with the acid-folk creep of Castlemania. Meanwhile, The Beets delivered their excellent final LP Let The Poison Out before leader Juan Wauters started a solo career. A decade prior, Jersey post-hardcore rockers Rye Coalition unleashed THEIR final LP Curses, which had been in major label limbo for two years prior to release, and further south, Texas punks the Marked Men released their classic Fix My Brain.

2001 was the prime year for emo and post-hardcore, at least in my circle of friends at the time. Bands like Hey Mercedes and Hot Water Music were crafting anthems, while the remnants of Cap'n Jazz were crafting avant-fusion rock with Owls. Finally, the hour wraps up with a bunch of Britpop and indie rock from 1996, when both genres were in slight decline but still pumping out plenty of jams. In between the tracks are some vintage news stories to ramp up the nostalgia and complete the time capsule. Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I had putting it together. As always, thanks for listening, and stay tuned for episode #57 next month!

Random Old Records Podcast #56
Released 11/07/16
1. The Beets - "You Don't Want Kids To Be Dead"
(Let The Poison Out, Hardly Art 2011)
2. Thee Oh Sees - "I Need Seed"
(Castlemania, In The Red 2011)
3. Fungi Girls - "Doldrums"
(Some Easy Magic, Hozac 2011)
4. Cults - "Go Outside"
(Cults, In The Name Of 2011)
--2006: It's these damn gas prices!
5. Rye Coalition - "Pussyfootin'"
(Curses, Gern Blandsten 2006)
6. Damone - "Out Here All Night"
(Out Here All Night, Island 2006)
7. Marked Men - "Fix My Brain"
(Fix My Brain, Swami 2006)
8. The Pipettes - "Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me"
(We Are The Pipettes, Memphis Industries 2006)
9. The Long Blondes - "Separated By Motorways"
(Someone To Drive You Home, Rough Trade 2006)
--2001: Cincinnati explodes!
10. Jimmy Eat World - "Bleed American"
(Bleed American, Dreamworks 2001)
11. Hot Water Music - "Paper Thin"
(A Flight And A Crash, Epitaph 2001)
12. Hey Mercedes - "Eleven To Your Seven"
(Everynight Fire Works, Vagrant 2001)
13. Rival Schools - "Everything Has Its Point"
(United By Fate, Island 2001)
14. Owls - "Everyone Is My Friend"
(Owls, Jade Tree 2001)
--1996: The Superman Curse!!
15. Howlin' Maggie - "Alcohol"
(Honeysuckle Strange, Columbia 1996)
16. Ocean Colour Scene - "The Day We Caught The Train"
(Moseley Shoals, MCA 1996)
17. The Divine Comedy - "Becoming More Like Alfie"
(Casanova, Setanta 1996)
18. Lush - "Heavenly Nobodies"
(Lovelife, 4AD 1996)
19. Go Sailor - "Fine Day For Sailing"
(Go Sailor, Lookout 1996)


Random Old Records Podcast #55

I'm few weeks late this time, but hopefully this selection of jams will be worth the wait! September brings the great news that Memphis weirdo blues rockers the Grifters have reissued their classic 1994 LP, Crappin' You Negative. This hot mess of ugly distortion, bent guitar duels, and loose-limbed grooves might be a bit dated, but it still bleeds passion and grit through the speakers like it did back then. I was lucky enough to see them on a reunion tour last year, and the addition of age, wisdom, and increased precision made them even more powerful. Here's tp the hope that they make more music!

Episode #55 of Random Old Records starts off with the Grifters aptly enough, then goes all over the map. You'll hear an absolute jangle-pop earworm from Paperhead bassist Peter Stringer-Hye, a classic Aussie punk jam from Kim Salmon and The Scientists, a brand-new song from Rangers, and a gross, Flipper-lovin' punk plod from Cleveland's Rubber Mate. Finally, in honor of my recent viewing of the Amphetamine Reptile/Tom Hazelmyer documentary The Color Of Noise, you get a ferocious track from Halo Of Flies, and like-minded jams from Laughing Hyenas and Chrome Cranks. As always, thanks for listening! I will be back in a few weeks, closer to a regular schedule I hope, with episode #56. This one will be a special "5-10-15-20" episode where I hop in the time machine to re-visit songs from 5, 10, 15, and 20 years ago! 2001 and 1996 were some strange and interesting times, for sure!

Random Old Records #55
Released 09/18/2016

1. Grifters - "Rats"
(Crappin' You Negative, Shangri-La 1994)
2. Archers Of Loaf - "Nevermind The Enemy"
(Vee Vee, Alias 1995)
3. Owls - "The Lion..."
(Two, Jade Tree 2014)
4. Josh Rouse - "Winter In The Hamptons"
(Nashville, Rykodisc 2005)
5. Peter Stringer-Hye - "When My Eyes Are Closed"
(Sunday Girls 7", Trouble In Mind 2016)
6. Canyon - "Ten Good Eyes"
(Empty Rooms, Gern Blandsten 2002)
--Heroes of the B Westerns!
7. The Scientists - "High Noon"
(The Scientists, EMI 1981)
8. Savoy Motel - "Souvenir Shop Rock"
(Hot One 7", Official Memorabilia 2016)
9. Rangers - "Never Again"
(Texas Rock Bottom, self-released 2016)
10. Beef Jerk - "Move Into The Ocean"
(Tragic, Trouble In Mind 2016)
11. Colleen Green - "Between The Lines"
(Colleen Green, Infinity Cat 2016)
12. Kitchen's Floor - "Doomed"
(Battle Of Brisbane, Hozac 1970)
--Regis vs. the punx!
13. Foster Care - "Justify To Me"
(Sterilization, Total Punk 2016)
14. Rubber Mate - "Floor Licker"
(Rub 'Em All 7", Saucepan 2016)
15. Halo Of Flies - "You Get Nothing"
(Music For Insect Minds, Amphetamine Reptile, 1991)
16. Killdozer - "Man Vs. Nature"
(Twelve Point Buck, Touch & Go 1991)
17. Laughing Hyenas - "Kick"
(Life Of Crime, Touch & Go 1989)
18. Chrome Cranks - "Little Johnny Jewel"

(Chrome Cranks 20th Anniversary Edition, Hozac 2015)


Random Old Records Podcast #54

Another month has passed, and Random Old Records Podcast has returned with another hour's worth of jams! Earlier in the year, I acquired the amazing 3 disc compilation on Cherry Red Records called Dust On The Nettles. This set goes deep into the UK's psychedelic folk scene, from big names like Pentangle, Fairport Convention, and Vashti Bunyan, to complete obscurities. This is a genre I knew very little about, and it totally blew my mind open! Also, my favorite artist of 2015, Ryley Walker, just released his brand new album, Golden Sings That Have Been Sung, and it is loaded with way out folk explorations as well.

On episode #54, "The Roundabout" by Walker mingles with tracks from Dust On The Nettles, along with other folky favorites from the time period by Ramases and Mike Cooper. You will also hear brand new tracks from old favorites Night Beats and Klaus Johann Grobe, a sizzling jam from Columbus' Counter Intuits (featuring Ron House from Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments!), and more from The Lavender Flu double LP. Whether you love the rays of the August sun, or dream of a dank, air-conditioned pit, or you like long, languid jams, or dig snappy singalongs, there's something for you here. As always, thanks for listening!

Random Old Records Podcast #54
Released 08/08/16
1. Mike Cooper - "That's How"
(Trout Steel, Dawn 1970)
2. Ryley Walker - "The Roundabout"
(Golden Sings That Have Been Sung, Dead Oceans 2016)
3. Cian Nugent - "Shadows"
(Night Fiction, Woodsist 2016)
4. Ramases - "Hello Mister"
(Space Hymns, Vertigo 1971)
--The alternative society!
5. Counter Intuits - "Rubber Gloves"
(Monosyllabilly, Pyramid Scheme 2016)
6. The Lavender Flu - "I Was The Sun/My Time"
(Heavy Air, MEDS 2016)
7. Night Beats - "Sunday Mourning"
(Who Sold My Generation, Heavenly 2016)
8. Klaus Johann Grobe - "Pure Fantasie"
(Spagat Der Liebe, Trouble In Mind 2016)
--More alternative society!
9. Richard & Linda Thompson - "I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight"
(I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight, Island 1974)
10. The Owl Service - "The Skater"
(His Pride. No Spear. No Friend., Horn 2016)
11. Pentangle - "Springtime Promises"
(Basket Of Light, Reprise 1969)
12. Heron - "Upon Reflection"
(Heron, Dawn 1970)
13. The Occasional Word - "The Evil Venus Tree"
(The Year Of The Great Leap Sideways, Dandelion 1969)
14. Swanox - "The Whistler"
(Duskrunner, Not Not Fun 2014)


Random Old Records Podcast #53

Well, I spent a little over a month going through my modest collection of 7" vinyl and have picked out 28 tracks, both A's and B's. Episode #53 of Random Old Records is dedicated to the EP, the single, the 45, the seven inch vinyl record! Though it sometimes sucks to get up and flip a record over every couple of minutes, the 7" is unmatched in its ability to get the heart racing. Like a slap in the face, the best singles make their mark, get in, and get out. You can grab the latest episode HERE.

The singles I pulled for this podcast mostly fall into three main categories. First is a batch of mid-90s era punk rock, from back when the ads in Maximumrocknroll were my primary source of record shopping in my small Ohio town. I used to fold up my lunch money in a piece of paper, mail it across the country, and wait 6-8 weeks for these jams, and I'm not about to launch into a crabby old man bit about how it made me appreciate them more, If I had been offered a Paypal account and tracking numbers back in 1995, I would have snapped them right up!! I still spin the stack of crucial singles from Rip-Off Records (you'll hear a ripper from Teengenerate in this episode) all of the time, along with the singles from Indiana pop-punkers The Beautys and kinda-terrible-but-also-amazing Screeching Weasel-clones Everready.

This isn't a total nostalgia trip though, because ROR #53 is mostly filled with rock n' roll of recent vintage, with a heavy saturation of selections from Florida's incredible Total Punk label. Each release from Total Punk comes in a white paper sleeve with a hand-stamped cover, and presents the best in modern punk rock from the likes of Life Stinks, Midnite Snaxxx, Slugga, and Vatican Dagger. You'll also hear songs from the Lumpy Records stable, another label that specializes in contemporary punk rock with inspired, home-spun sleeve designs. Dig that filthy hardcore blast "Wash Up", by Calgary degenerates Glitter!

Finally, we finish up with some tracks from my favorite flea market finds. Who knew that the B-Side of the bubblegum classic "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)" was a lush, harmonized bit of sunshine pop that's at least 78% as good as its more famous flip? In contrast, The Peppermint Trolley Company's heady, psychosis-psych popper "9 O'Clock Business Man" fits perfectly on the B-Side, and it was comped on the first volume of Soft Sounds For Gentle People. I nearly fainted when I found that one! As always, thanks for listening, and if you dig Random Old Records, tell your friends about me! I'll be back in the first week of August with even more jams!

Random Old Records Podcast #53

Released 06/02/16
1. Penetration - "Firing Squad"
(Side A, Virgin VS213, 1978)
2. Midnite Snaxxx - "Pull Down The Shades"
(Side B, Total Punk TPR-28, 2015)
3. Nasty Facts - "Crazy About You"
(Side B, Bush Pig BPR-002, 2015)
4. The Beautys - "Sweetheart Sweetheart"
(Side A, House O' Pain HOP-019, 1997)
5. Kamala & The Karnivores - "Bone Bouquet"
(Side B, Lookout #16, 1989)
6. C.C.T.V. - "Anxiety"
(Side A, Lumpy 9203, 2015)
7. Violence Creeps - "Drop Out"
(Side A, Veecee, 2015)
8. Frau - "EBD"
(Side A, self-released FR01, 2015)
--The ability to change your life!
9. Vanilla Muffins - "Always On The Wrong Side"
(Side A, Black Hole HO-013, 1996)
10. Crown Court - "Jack Jones"
(Side A, Rebellion RR124, 2015)
11. Teengenerate - "Out Of Sight"
(Side A, Rip-Off #008, 1995)
12. Spodie - "17 & Stupid"
(Side A, Cult Of Teen COT #001, 1997)
13. Everready - "Never Walk Away"
(Side A, Campground CR003, 1993)
14. Heavy Times - "Bad Brother"
(Side B, Hozac HZR-180, 2016)
--The local record shop!
15. Electric Eels - "Jaguar Ride"
(Side A, Hozac HZR-145, 2014)
16. Menthol - "Inner Trip"
(Side B, Not Normal NNT#049 3/4, 2016)
17. The Dils - "I Hate The Rich"
(Side A, Superior Viaduct SV080, 2015)
18. Life Stinks - "Sweep It Under The Rug"
(Side B, Total Punk TPR-24, 2014)
19. Glitter - "Wash Up"
(Side A, Lumpy, 2016)
20. Slugga - "Parasite"
(Side A, Total Punk TPR-31, 2015)
21. Vatican Dagger - "The Mess"
(Side B, Total Punk TPR-30, 2015)
22. Urochromes - "Country Joe"
(Side A, Lumpy #52, 2016)
23. The Pacifics - "Say You Love Me"
(Side A, Mistkafer MR-45 02, 2015)
24. The Fresh & Onlys - "Laughter Is Contagious"
(Side , Trouble In Mind TIM003, 2010)
25. The Dentists - "Burning The Thoughts From My Skin"
(Side B, Trouble In Mind TIM075, 2014)
26. Lewis & Clarke Expedition - "Blue Revelations"
(Side A, Colgems 66-1006 1967)
27. Edison Lighthouse - "Every Lonely Day"
(Side B, Bell 858, 1970)
28. The Peppermint Trolley Company - "9 O'Clock Business Man"
(Side B, Acta 45-814, 1968)


Random Old Records Podcast #52

Just got home from work, and it's so warm and muggy and gross that the outside feels like the inside of a sewer. YUCK! Luckily, Random Old Records Podcast is back with a brand new episode containing 58 minutes and 7 seconds of chilled-out jams that feel like a blast of sweet A/C to the face. You can download it for free HERE.

Episode #52 starts off with some recent blissed-out ballads from the likes of Martin Courtney, Salad Boys, and The Lavender Flu, then flows into two sizzling sets of 60s sunshine pop and soft psych. You'll hear the brooding and tense "Her Name Is Melody" from Adrian Pride (a pseudonym for tripped-out troubadour Bernie Schwartz), recently featured on the Nuggets: Hallucinations comp re-released on Record Store Day 2016. You'll also hear the fuzzed-out "Bad Dream" from the heavily mustachioed Dick Domane, included on Pet Records' essential Mystic Males collection, and the chiming folk-rocker "Leaving It All Behind" by The Toads, included on Pet Records' also essential It's Zimmerman's World LP (and a whole lot more from Pet Records since they are AMAZING and you need everything they ever put out).

This one took a lot of time to put together, just to ensure a solid sequence of good vibes from front to back. I hope everyone enjoys it! I've been busy cataloging and organizing my 7" collection for the first time in many years, so July's episode will feature an hour of top jams culled from my racks of 45s! In the meantime, make it your goal to seek out the fantastic debut DOUBLE LP from The Lavender Flu, entitled Heavy Air. It features former Hunches guitarist Chris Gunn going long and weird on a sprawling set of suburban loner back porch pop with a crew of guests. If you're sick of checking out the latest and greatest bands only to find out you can hum all of the chord changes before the first song finishes, then you need it immediately. Every time you think it's gonna zig, it zags. Every time you get lulled into some delicately picked melancholy, everything goes pear shaped. It is just lovely! As always, thanks for listening!!!

Random Old Records Podcast #52

Released 06/02/16
1. Donnie & Joe Emerson - "Good Time"
(Dreamin' Wild, Light In The Attic 2012)
2. Peacers - "Kick On The Plane"
(Peacers, Drag City 2015)
3. Mikal Cronin - "Control"
(MCIII, Merge 2015)
4. Martin Courtney - "Northern Highway"
(Many Moons, Domino 2015)
5. Salad Boys - "First Eight"
(Metalmania, Trouble In Mind 2015)
6. The Lavender Flu - "The Lawn"
(Heavy Air, MEDS 2016)
--Emily forgot her flash cards!
7. The Cookies - "Wounded"
(Come To The Sunshine: Soft Pop Nuggets From The WEA Vaults, Rhino 2004)
8. The Sunshine Company - "Love, That's Where It Is"
(The Sunshine Company, Liberty 1968)
9. New Kick - "Song The City Sings"
(Book A Trip 2: More Psych Pop Sounds Of Capitol Records, Now Sounds 2013)
10. The London Phogg - "The Times To Come"
(Fading Yellow Vol. 3, Flower Machine 2002)
11. Paul Stoop - "Daydream"
(Mystic Males 2, Pet 2014)
12. Dick Domane - "Bad Dream"
(Mystic Males, Pet 2005)
--It just makes you feel goood!
13. Sandy Salisbury - "Spell On Me"
(Sandy, Poptones 2000)
14. Lee Mallory - "Take My Hand"
(Come To The Sunshine: Soft Pop Nuggets From The WEA Vaults, Rhino 2004)
15. The Toads - "Leaving It All Behind"
(It's Zimmerman's World, Pet 2012)
16. Adrian Pride - "Her Name Is Melody"
(Hallucinations: Psychedelic Pop Nuggets From The WEA Vault, Rhino 2004)
17. Shalynn - "Flower Song"
(Mystic Males 2, Pet 2014)
18. Bentley Road - "The Cobra"
(Soft Sounds For Gentle People Vol. 5, Pet 2010)


Random Old Records Podcast #51

Hey, folks!! Another month has gone by, and now here's a brand new episode of Random Old Records Podcast to (possibly) bring some joy to your life and (hopefully) break up the monotony. This time around, it starts off with a run of classic country and country-rock, including the maddeningly catchy "Mare, Take Me Home" by Wildweeds, and the acoustic beauty of "She's My Girl" by UK rockers Help Yourself. Then, there's a detour into the amazing new Numero Group compilation Cosmic American Music for a track by private press journeyman Allan Wachs, which is bursting with spooky highway Seger vibes.

Elsewhere, you will hear tough-edged power pop from Mama and Mother's Children, a track from the underrated last Warm Soda LP, and a set of blazing old and new hardcore from around the US. On the tour is Cincinnati's own Everyday Objects, Rüz from St. Louis, Stuck Pigs from DC, and Poison Idea from Portland. Finally, you get a set of goth-pop including three of the best vocalists in rock n' roll today: Hether Fortune of Wax Idols, Jess Poplawski of Survival, and Haley Morris of Pleasure Leftists.

You can download the episode HERE. As always, thanks for listening! I am still in the process of adding old episodes to the archives, so check back frequently for some fresh old jams, and come back next month for episode #52, which will have a pile of mellow summertime psych and a whole lot more!!

Random Old Records Podcast #51

Released 05/05/16
1. Jim Ford - "Harlan County"
(Harlan County, Sundown 1969)
2. Chuck Wells - "Down And Out"
(God Less America, Crypt 1995)
3. Kris Kristofferson - "The Best Of All Possible Worlds"
(Kristofferson, Monument 1970)
4. Wildweeds - "Mare, Take Me Home"
(Wildweeds, Vanguard 1970)
5. Help Yourself - "She's My Girl"
(Beware The Shadow, United Artists 1973)
6. Allen Wachs - "Mountain Roads"
(Wayfaring Strangers: Cosmic American Music, Numero 2016)
--Well, whoop-de-do!!
7. The Barreracudas - "Promises"
(Can Do Easy, Oops Baby 2015)
8. Mama - "Open Secret"
(Speed Trap 7", Hozac 2015)
9. Mother's Children - "Talk To Her"
(Lemon, Resurrection 2014)
10. Warm Soda - "Just Like Me Before"
(Symbolic Dream, Castleface 2015)
--Just go off!
11. Broken Prayer - "Kid"
(Misanthropocentric, Sorry State 2015)
12. Everyday Objects - "Versus The Crown"
(Demo 2015, self-released 2015)
13. Rüz - "Stabbed In The Back"
(Rüz 7", Lumpy 2016)
14. Stuck Pigs - "Bleed Like..."
(Bleed Like..., Out For Blood 2015)
15. Fang - "Landshark"
(Landshark, Boner 1983)
16. Poison Idea - "Made To Be Broken"
(Kings Of Punk, Pusmort 1986)
--Vampire club!
17. Screaming For Emily - "The Love"
(Killed By Deathrock Vol. 1, Sacred Bones 2014)
18. Wax Idols - "Severely Yours"
(American Tragic, Collect 2015)
19. Survival - "Taboo"
(Walk Into The Fire, Electric Dissent 2015)
20. Pleasure Leftists - "A New Name"
(The Woods Of Heaven, Deranged 2015)


Random Old Records Podcast #50

To be honest, one of the reasons I started doing Random Old Records Podcast again was because I was so close to episode #50 when I went on my hiatus. To be so close to that milestone when I gave it up never really sat well with me. Well, here we are, and I'll probably do another 50 before I'm done.

In that spirit, there's no looking back in this episode. No compilation of the "best" songs I've ever played or the best in-between bits I've scavenged and put together. They're all supposed to be the best anyway, right? Soon all of the old episodes will be back online and then you'll be free to check those out any time. If you scroll down, you'll see that episodes #2 and #3 are back online for the first time in years. Episode #3 features a run of classic Dischord Records jams from Void, Embrace, and The Make-Up, while episode #2 takes a trip from The Rezillos to The Gun Club to The Lovin' Spoonful ("6' O'Clock", what a song!). Don't forget to check back frequently to the Podcast Archive below for more old episodes.

Anyway, episode #50 contains nearly an hour's worth of songs that have never been played on Random Old Records before, kicking off with the opening track of La Sera's amazing 2014 album Hour Of The Dawn, and also featuring the opening track off the brand new La Sera album, which isn't quite amazing but is still really, really good. You'll also hear grungy punk jams from Fleabite, Sports, and Personal Best, classic power pop from Zombies frontman Colin Blunstone, a hot modern disco track from Pharoahs featuring Maria Minerva, and a closing monster of a track: Catwoman Eartha Kitt taking on "Hurdy Gurdy Man" by Donovan and leaving no prisoners!

Stream the episode in the player below, or go HERE directly to stream or download. As always, thanks for listening! I'll be back in a month with episode #51!!

Random Old Records #50
Released 04/01/2016
1. La Sera - "Hour Of The Dawn"
(Hour Of The Dawn, Hardly Art 2014)
2. Tacocat - "Bridge To Hawaii"
(NVM, Hardly Art 2014)
3. Personal Best - "The Mission/If You Meet Someone In Love (Wish Them Well)"
(Arnos Vale, Specialist Subject 2015)
4. Fleabite - "Missing Everyone"
(T.T.Y.L. 7", Puzzle Pieces 2015)
5. Sports - "Clean Jeans"
(Sunchokes, self-released 2014)
--Zombies Ate My Neighbors!
6. Colin Blunstone - "She Loves The Way They Love Her"
(One Year, Epic 1971)
7. Foxygen - "How Can You Really"
(...And Star Power, Jagjaguwar 2014)
8. The Go-Betweens - "The Old Way Out"
(Spring Hill Fair, Sire 1984)
9. Dick Diver - "Beat Me Up (Talk To A Counsellor)"
(Melbourne, Florida, Trouble In Mind 2015)
10. Ultimate Painting - "Break The Chain"
(Green Lanes, Trouble In Mind 2015)
--The stud!
11. Pharaohs ft. Maria Minerva - "Miraculous Feet"
(Replicant Moods, 100% Silk 2013)
12. Marie Davidson - "Excès De Vitesse"
(Un Autre Voyage, Holodeck 2015)
13. White Poppy - "Dizzy"
(White Poppy, Not Not Fun 2013)
--Vocal power!
14. La Sera - "High Notes"
(Music For Listening To Music To, Polyvinyl 2016)
15. Charlie Hilton - "Long Goodbye"
(Palana, Captured Tracks 2016)
16. Bridget St. John - "Curl Your Toes"
(Ask Me No Questions, Dandelion 1969)
17. Margo Guryan - "Sunday Morning"
(Take A Picture, Bell 1968)
18. Lynn Castle & Last Friday's Fire - "The Lady Barber"
(Soft Sounds For Gentle People Presents: Sounds Of She, Pet 2008)
19. Eartha Kitt - "The Hurdy Gurdy Man"
(Hello Everyone: Popsike Sparks From Denmark Street 1968-70, Grapefruit 2014)


Random Old Records Podcast #49

If you follow Random Old Records on Facebook, you know that episode #48, the first new episode of Random Old Records Podcast in TWO YEARS, was posted to Soundcloud back in February. This isn't just a temporary thing. ROR IS BACK! Expect to see a brand new episode every second day of the month from here on out. The reasons I quit and came back are convoluted and not very exciting, so I'm not going to go into great detail. The main takeaway is that my podcast host Mevio went out of business two years ago and took down everything I had online, and it's taken me a long time to get the time to fix that mess the right way. 

Below this post you will see a box to subscribe to my brand new mailing list. Since the venues to freely advertise something like a podcast are drying up (lookin' at you, Facebook!), signing up to the ROR mailing list is the best way to keep up. The ONLY time you will get an email from me is when a new episode is posted. That's it! Put your email in, click Submit, and you'll be the first to know when (and where) the next episode drops!

While I'm on the self-promotion kick, you will notice that there is a new "Podcast Archive" post below this one. This will contain links and info for past episodes of Random Old Records. I'm slowly going through my files and re-uploading everything, and this will keep track of the process. There are a bunch already posted, with more coming soon!

Now that all the boring babble is finished, let's get to the JAMS! Random Old Records Podcast #49 features an hour's worth of killer tracks, The spotlight this time is bruising, heavy, noisy punk rock from the likes of Mystic Inane, Life Stinks, Cows, and Whatever Brains, plus the chillest of chill jams by Mac Demarco, Mild High Club, and Greg Ashley, and a bit of rare 70s rock n' roll from Morningstar and Sugluk! Also, you might just hear Orson Welles shilling for one of the most underrated board games of all time?!

Stream from the player below, or download it HERE. I'll be back on April 2nd with episode #50!

Random Old Records #49
Released 3/2/2016
1. Life Stinks - "You'll Never Make It"
(You'll Never Make It, SS 2015)
2. Whatever Brains - "Let's Find A Cop"
(Whatever Brains 4, Sorry State 2015)
3. Mystic Inane - "Ode To Joy"
(Ode To Joy 7", Negative Jazz 2015)
4. The Hex Dispensers - "Agatha's Antlers"
(III, Alien Snatch 2015)
--The hillbillies!
5. Cowboy - "Livin' In The Country"
(Reach For The Sky, Atco 1970)
6. Alex Bleeker & The Freaks - "Country Agenda"
(Country Agenda, Sinderlyn 2015)
7. Mild High Club - "Note To Self"
(Timeline, Circle Star 2015)
8. Mac Demarco - "Blue Boy"
(Salad Days, Captured Tracks 2014)
9.Greg Ashley - "Brother Raymond"
(Another Generation Of Slaves, Trouble In Mind 2014)
--The Dark Tower!
10. Wrath - "Warlord"
(Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles, Numero 2014)
11. Morningstar - "Little By Little"
(Local Customs: Cavern Sound, Numero 2014)
12. Sugluk - "Fall Away"
(Native North America Vol. 1, Light In The Attic 2014)
13. Willy Mitchell & Desert River Band - "Kill'n Your Mind"
(Native North American Vol. 1, Light In The Attic 2014)
--Ask J. Edgar Hoover!
14. Circle Pit - "Wave Machine"
(Bruise Constellation, Siltbreeze 2010)
15. Cows - "39 Lashes"
(Sexy Pee Story, Amphetamine Reptile 1993)
16. Nones - "Hirsute"
(Midwestern Family Values, Hozac 2014)
17. Watery Love - "Face The Door"
(Decorative Feeding, In The Red 2014)