Random Old Records Podcast #66

2018 is rolling on, and Random Old Records podcast is back! EPISODE #66 is a set of tracks for this hot and uncomfortable summer. Whether you're sweating it out in the streets or hibernating under a pile of blankets in your sweet, sweet air conditioned room, there's a little something for everyone to enjoy.

The past year or so has brought an amazing wave of angry, confrontational hardcore and punk rock, and the first quarter of the show highlights some ferocious tracks from Exotica, Patsy, Kaleidoscope, and Gen Pop. The crucial UK label La Vida Es Un Mus features heavily in this set; every release they put out is worth a listen. From there, the podcast takes a dreamier turn, with folky psych-rock from Heron Oblivion and Dana Gillespie, rootsy pop from Del Shannon, The Paperhead, and Shannon Shaw, and even a little moody synth from Rizzo and Century Palm. In between tracks, you will hear snippets from the wild 1985 Canadian psychic horror movie Eternal Evil. Go ahead, leave your body!

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Random Old Records Podcast #66
Released 07/22/18
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1. Runt - "Positions Of Power"
(Positions Of Power, La Vida Es Un Mus 2018)
2. Exotica - "Ser Nada"
(Musique Exotique #2, La Vida Es Un Mus 2017)
3. Gumming - "Indrid Cold"
(Human Values, Not Normal 2018)
4. Gen Pop - "No Change"
(II 7", Feel It 2018)
5. Vanilla Poppers - "Footsteps"
(Vanilla Poppers, Lumpy 2017)
6. Patsy - "Society Ape"
(LA Women, La Vida Es Un Mus 2017)
7. Prom Nite - "Living For The Weekend"
(Dancing To This Beat, Barfbag 2017)
8. Kaleidoscope - "Memory Failure"
(2017 7", D4MT Labs 2018)
9. Lithics - "Home"
(Mating Surfaces, Kill Rock Stars 2018)
10. Flasher - "Who's Got Time"
(Constant Image, Domino 2018)
--Eternal Evil (1985) Part 1!
11. Broken Water - "High-Lo"
(Wrought, Night People 2016)
12. Heron Oblivion - "Sudden Lament"
(Heron Oblivion, Sub Pop 2016)
13. Dana Gillespie – "Foolish Seasons"
(Foolish Seasons, London 1968)
14. Condello - "Oh No"
(Phase 1, Scepter 1968)
--Eternal Evil (1985) Part 2!
15. Rizzo - "I Don't Care"
(Public Animal, No Fun 1980)
16. Century Palm - "King Of John St."
(Meet You, Deranged 2017)
17. Ryley Walker - "Opposite Middle"
(Deafman Glance, Dead Oceans 2018)
18. The Paperhead - "Over And Over"
(Chew, Trouble In Mind 2017)
--Eternal Evil (1985) Part 3!
19. Judy Bramlett - "Deja Vu"
(Feeling High: The Psychedelic Sound Of Memphis, Big Beat 2012)
20. Del Shannon - "Gemini"
(The Further Adventures Of Charles Westover, Liberty 1968)
21. Shannon Shaw - "Make Believe"
(Shannon In Nashville, Easy Eye 2018)
22. Doug Tuttle - "Painted Eye"
(It Calls On Me, Trouble In Mind 2016)
23. The Academy - "Munching The Candy"
(Pop-Lore According To The Academy, Morgan Blue Town 1969)


Random Old Records Podcast #65

I tried coming up with some kind of theme to EPISODE #65 of Random Old Records, but had the hardest time. 18 out of the 20 tracks included here feature a female vocalist, but it's not any kind of feminist statement. It jumps across genres. There's punk and reggae but not at the same time. There's great love songs, great rage songs, and a couple where I have no idea what they are about. It's music for singing and swaying and dancing.

The early-going is dominated by British music from the late 80s, thanks to the incredible recent C87 and C88 box sets from Cherry Red that document those years in UK indie history. There's been so many great CD-only releases lately that I have started buying them regularly again. You'll also hear  new tracks from second-generation reggae rocker Hollie Cook, NYC poppers The Shacks, and Canadian no-wave dynamos Ruby Karinto. Their self-titled debut LP on HoZac is an early frontrunner for album of the year!

Loveland, Ohio's own Colemine Records is also highlighted, via a track from their February reissue of Gloria Barnes' rare deep-soul classic Uptown, and a recent moody soul cut from The Flying Stars Of Brooklyn, NY. The episode then finishes up with some new and old post-punk bashers from Aquarium, Grass Widow, Pill, the World, and so much more!

Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to Random Old Records via iTunes, Google Play, or RSS. If you like the show, please rate it and write a review! You can also go the traditional route and stream or download the episode below. Come back in about a month for June's episode, which will be a scorching summer mix of classic folk and modern punk. As always, thanks for listening!

Random Old Records Podcast #65
Released 05/31/18
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1. The Wake - "Crush The Flowers (Demo)"
(C88, Cherry Red 2017)
2. The Heart Throbs - "Too Many Shadows"
(C88, Cherry Red 2017)
3. Tacocat - "I Hate The Weekend"
(Lost Time, Hardly Art 2016)
4. Swearin' - "Shrinking Violet"
(Swearin', Salinas 2012)
5. The Primitives - "We Found A Way To The Sun"
(C87, Cherry Red 2016)
--The light at the edge of the world!
6. Hollie Cook - "Together"
(Vessel Of Love, Merge 2018)
7. Jennifer Lara - "Rocking Tonight"
(Studio One Presents Jennifer Lara, Studio One 1981)
8. The Shacks - "So Good"
(Haze, Big Crown 2018)
9. Gloria Barnes - "Home"
(Uptown, Maple 1971)
10. The Flying Stars Of Brooklyn N.Y. - "Live On"
(My God Has A Telephone 7", Colemine 2017)
--Rod Serling speaks!
11. Minor Victories - "Cogs"
(Minor Victories, Fat Possum 2016)
12. The Green Child - "Her Majesty II"
(The Green Child, Upset The Rhythm 2018)
13. Cate Le Bon - "I'm A Dirty Attic"
(Crab Day, Drag City 2016)
14. Exploded View - "Stand Your Ground"
(Exploded View, Sacred Bones 2016)
--Invisible radio sky!
15. Grass Widow - "Disappearing Industries"
(Internal Logic, HLR 2012)
16. Aquarium - "Hospital"
(Aquarium, Lumpy 2018)
17. Domestic Bliss - "Domestic Bliss"
(Messthetics #103, Hyped To Death 2007)
18. Pill - "Fetish Queen"
(Convenience, Mexican Summer 2016)
19. The World - "Cool"
(First World Record, Lumpy 2017)
20. Ruby Karinto - "No Manchester"
(Ruby Karinto, Hozac 2018)


Random Old Records Podcast #64

I didn't put out a podcast in March, since this one ended up being an absolute MONSTER to put together. Back in Summer of 2016, I did an episode where every song came from my personal collection of 7" singles. That one was so much fun, and I've picked up a bunch of new 45s in the past two years, so why not do it again? EPISODE #64 of Random Old Records contains a whopping 26 new and old jams ranging from stone-cold punk rock classics to the freshest wax of 2018.

You will hear a healthy assortment of tracks from Total Punk Records, perhaps the best label currently releasing 45s on a regular basis, including the likes of Lysol, Rik & The Pigs, and Patsy, along with the always reliable Hozac Records, home to Surfbort and Mil Mascaras. In between, there are rippers by ISS, The Number Ones, Buzzcocks, JJ Doll, Good Throb, Terry, Parnsip, and a whole lot more. Also, dig those vintage commercials!

Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to Random Old Records via iTunes, Google Play, or RSS. If you like the show, please rate it and write a review! You can also go the traditional route and stream or download the episode below. I should be back to a regular schedule in May, with no theme other than great music with no algorithms involved. As always, thanks for listening!

Random Old Records Podcast #64
Released 02/20/2018
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1. The Ruts - "Babylon's Burning"
(Side A, Virgin VS 271 1979)
2. The Number Ones - "Lie To Me"
(Side A, Sorry State SSR-91 2018)
3. Buzzcocks - "Time's Up"
(Side A, New Hormones ORG-1 1977)
4. Lowlife - "Leaders"
(Side A, Hozac HZR-194 2017)
5. Dangus Tarkus - "Blood And Wires"
(Side B, Lumpy #60 2016)
6. Perverts Again - "My Embarrassment"
(Side B, Total Punk TPR-50 2017)
-- More than half a football field!
7. JJ Doll - "You Come First"
(Side A, Katorga Works KW-046 2016)
8. Patsy - "Tuley Tude High"
(Side A, Total Punk TPR-36 2015)
9. Surfbort - "Back To Reaction"
(Side A, Hozac HZR-195 2017)
10. Lemonade - "Xtabay"
(Side A, Thrilling Living TSF-002 2017)
11. Good Throb - "Welcome Break"
(Side B, La Vida Es Un Mus MUS109 2016)
12. Fried Egg - "Teeth"
(Side A, Beach Impediment BIR-026 2017)
13. Lysol - "Knucklehead"
(Side B, Total Punk TPR-45 2016)
14. S-21 - "Power Abuse"
(Side B, World Gone Mad WGM-009 2017)
--Vacuum the world!
15. ISS - "I Wanna Be Dated"
(Side A, Sorry State SSR-90 2018)
16. GG King - "Another Dimension"
(Side A, SOD-27 Scavenger Of Death 2017)
17. Mordecai - "What Is Art"
(Side A, Sophomore Lounge SL 085 2017)
18. The Suburban Homes - "Unemployed"
(Side A, Total Punk TPR-55 2017)
19. Mil Mascaras - "Fuzz"
(Side A, Hozac HZR-124 2012)
20. Thee Headcoatees - "Park It Up Your Arse"
(Side B, Sympathy For The Record Industry SFTRI 332 1995)
--Grab some Garth today!
21. Best Coast - "In My Room"
(Side A, Group Tightener GT01 2009)
22. Southern Comfort - "Me & My Baby"
(Side B, Hozac HZR-149 2014)
23. Terry - "Lino Deen"
(Side B, Aarght! AARGHT036 2016)
24. Parsnip - "Seeing Red"
(Side B, Anti Fade ANT 040 2017)
25. Jeffrey Novak - "Home Sweet Home"
(Side A, Shattered SR 201 2009)
26. Rik & The Pigs - "Don't Tell On Me"
(Side A, Total Punk TPR-44 2016)


Random Old Records Podcast #63

It's February 2018 and Valentine's Day was last week. Since love is still in the air and because everybody's got problems in this world, EPISODE #63 of Random Old Records is taking on the twin themes of love and dread. Check out an hour's worth of jams that are hand-picked by a real person, not an algorithm!

Starting off with some classic romantic tunes from Carl Carlton and the Chi-Lites, the episode moves through more love-themed soul classics and a few recent highlights from the Stones Throw label, then drops in some tense indie jangle from The Popguns and brooding rock from Northern Kentucky masters The Light Wires before finishing up with a stack of new post-punk and goth atmospheres. UK rockers Shame are one of the best bands I've heard in awhile, so please do check out their debut LP, Songs Of Praise.

Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to Random Old Records via iTunes, Google Play, or RSS. If you like the show, please rate it and write a review! You can also go the traditional route and stream or download the episode below. Be sure to come back here in about a month for episode #64! The theme will be a selection of 7" singles from my collection. Thanks to everyone who voted in the Twitter poll, and as always, thanks for listening!

Random Old Records Podcast #63
Released 02/20/2018
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1. Carl Carlton - "You Can't Stop A Man In Love"
(You Can't Stop A Man In Love, Back Beat 1973)
2. The Chi-Lites - "I Want To Pay You Back (For Loving Me)"
(Give More Power To The People, Brunswick 1971)
3. Odyssey - "Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love"
(Odyssey, MoWest 1972)
4. Tuxedo - "Back In Town"
(Tuxedo II, Stones Throw 2017)
5. The O'Neal Twins - "Wake Up Everybody"
(Christians Catch Hell: Gospel Roots 1976-79, Honest Jon's 2015)
6. Donny Hathaway - "Je Vous Aime (I Love You)"
(Everything Is Everything, Atco 1970)
7. Mighty Duke - "Be Yourself"
(Tropical Disco Hustle, Cultures Of Soul 2014)
8. Silk Rhodes - "Realtime"
(Silk Rhodes, Stones Throw 2014)
9. Ormandy - "Good Day"
(Michigan Brand Nuggets, Belvedere 1996)
10. The Popguns - "Where Do You Go (Flexi Version)"
(C88, Cherry Red 2017)
11. The Light Wires - "The Hum Of Black Machines"
(The Light Wires/The Invisible Hand, SofaBurn 2017)
12. Dark Blue - "Never Wanted To Hurt You"
(Start Of The World, 12XU 2016)
--The redeemer!
13. Siouxsie & The Banshees - "Spellbound"
(Juju, PVC 1981)
14. Rakta - "Atrativos Da Mentira"
(Oculto Pelos Seres 7", Iron Lung 2017)
15. Skeletal Family - "Promised Land"
(Killed By Deathrock Vol. 2, Sacred Bones 2016)
16. Feature - "Reeling"
(Banishing Ritual, Upset The Rhythm 2017)
17. Shame - "Lampoon"
(Songs Of Praise, Dead Oceans 2018)


Random Old Records Podcast #62

Happy new year, Random Old Records Podcast is back! EPISODE #62 kicks off 2018 with nineteen fresh jams that sound like tires on the road, wings in the air, feet on the ground, and fire in the hills. If your new year's resolution was to check out some new music, well here's your opportunity!

The first set of tracks has a distinct, down-low country-rock feel, with rare tracks by Morning and Bernie Schwartz, and the classic 1959 prison-break stomper "Run" by Stonewall Jackson. You'll then hear a fiery track from Greg Ashley's 2017 record Pictures Of Saint Paul Street, some rare '60s garage by Art Guy from Rhino's under-the-radar new compilation of West Coast Nuggets, more new jams from Widowspeak, Lower Plenty, and James Elkington, plus a whole lot more!

Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to Random Old Records via iTunes, Google Play, or RSS. If you like the show, please rate it and write a review! You can also go the traditional route and stream or download the episode below. As always, thanks for listening! We'll be back in 2018!

Random Old Records Podcast #62
Released 01/15/2018
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1. Little Feat - "Easy To Slip"
(Sailin' Shoes, Warner Bros 1971)
2. The Dillards - "Nobody Knows"
(Wheatstraw Suite, Elektra 1968)
3. Morning - "Tell Me A Story"
(Morning, Vault 1970)
4. Bernie Schwartz - "Think It's Gonna Rain Today"
(The Wheel, Coburt 1970)
5. Stonewall Jackson - "Run"
(The Hangman's Blues: Prison Songs In Country Music 1956-1972, Omni 2016)
--It's Polavision!
6. Greg Ashley - "Goodbye Saint Paul Street"
(Pictures Of Saint Paul Street, Trouble In Mind 2017)
7. Dick Campbell - "The People Planners"
(It's Zimmerman's World, Pet 2013)
8. Art Guy - "Where You Wanna Go"
(Transparent Days: West Coast Nuggets, Rhino 2017)
9. Link Cromwell - "Crazy Like A Fox"
(Ork Records: New York, New York, Numero 2015)
10. Fabienne Delsol - "I'm Gonna Catch Me A Rat"
(Between You And Me, Damaged Goods 2007)
--Psychic friends!
11. Drugdealer - "The End Of Comedy"
(The End Of Comedy, Weird World 2016)
12. John Andrews & The Yawns - "Drivers"
(Bad Posture, Woodsist 2017)
13. Tidewater - "Wild Horse Plains"
(Follow The Sun, Anthology 2017)
14. Widowspeak - "Dog"
(Expect The Best, Captured Tracks 2017)
--Stereos, stereos, stereos!
15. Lower Plenty - "So It Goes"
(Sister Sister, Bedroom Suck 2016)
16. James Elkington - "Grief Is Not Coming"
(Wintres Woma, Paradise Of Bachelors 2017)
17. The Lentils - "Brattleboro Is Flooding"
(Brattleboro Is Flooding, Feeding Tube 2015)
18. The Three O'Clock - "Fall To The Ground"
(Sixteen Tambourines, Frontier 1983)
19. The Wallabys - "Feeling High"
(Feeling High: The Psychedelic Sound Of Memphis, Big Beat 2012)


Random Old Records Podcast #61

In what is now a yearly tradition, EPISODE #61 of Random Old Records is a special 5/10/15/20 edition. For a little over an hour, I jump into the time machine and travel back to 1997, 2002, 2007, and 2012 to take a look around and sample the top jams of those particular years!

This time, I start off in 1997 with the stone-cold classic title track from Sleater-Kinney's Dig Me Out LP. Then, you'll hear a selection of 97's finest pop-punk and emo from the Get Up Kids and Promise Ring. Zipping right along to 2002, there's ripping punk from the Buff Medways and Idlewild, then a jump into 2007 for some rough and raw garage rock from The Ponys, Willowz, and Blitzen Trapper, before ending up in 2012 with Best Coast and Gentleman Jesse. Has it really been five years already since the last Gentleman Jesse record? That's too long, for sure.

Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to Random Old Records via iTunes, Google Play, or RSS. If you like the show, please rate it and write a review! You can also go the traditional route and stream or download the episode below. As always, thanks for listening! We'll be back in 2018!

Random Old Records Podcast #61
Released 12/11/2017
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1. Sleater-Kinney - "Dig Me Out"
(Dig Me Out, Kill Rock Stars 1997)
2. Get Up Kids - "Last Place You Look"
(Four Minute Mile, Doghouse 1997)
3. Lifetime - "Hey Catrine"
(Jersey's Best Dancers, Jade Tree 1997)
4. The Promise Ring - "Red & Blue Jeans"
(Nothing Feels Good, Jade Tree 1997)
5. Smoking Popes - "I Was Right"
(Destination Failure, Capitol 1997)
--2002: K-Mart files for bankruptcy!
6. The Buff Medways - "Troubled Mind"
(Steady The Buffs, Transcopic 2002)
7. Idlewild - "A Modern Way Of Letting Go"
(The Remote Part, Capitol 2002)
8. ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - "Relative Ways"
(Source Tags & Codes, Interscope 2002)
9. The Party Of Helicopters - "Radio"
(Boss Hog, Troubleman Unlimited 2002)
--2007: The first iPhone!
10. Voxtrot - "Kid Gloves"
(Voxtrot, Playlouder 2007)
11. The Willowz - "Waiting To Fall"
(Chautauqua, Dim Mak 2007)
12. Blitzen Trapper - "Wild Mountain Nation"
(Wild Mountain Nation, Lidkercow 2007)
13. The Ponys - "Turn The Lights Out"
(Turn The Lights Out, Matador 2007)
14. The Chinese Stars - "All My Friends Are Getting High"
(Listen To Your Left Brain, Skin Graft 2007)
--2012: The end of the Mayan calendar!
15. Best Coast - "The Only Place"
(The Only Place, Mexican Summer 2012)
16. The Sugar Stems - "Like I Do"
(Like I Do 7", Certified PR 2012)
17. Pop Zeus - "Memory Hangs"
(Pop Zeus, Burger 2012)
18. The White Wires - "Everywhere You Were"
(WWIII, Dirtnap 2012)
19. Gentleman Jesse - "We Gotta Get Out Of Here"
(Leaving Atlanta, Douchemaster 2012)


Random Old Records Podcast #60

I was spending a frenzied night at home getting this episode ready and while I was uploading it, a thought came into my head: November 2017 marks the NINTH year of Random Old Records Podcast. Sure, I've taken a few months or even years off at times, but this show remains my favorite hobby in the world. A lot has happened in that time, but I still love finding amazing jams and cutting them together into hourish-long podcasts. Hope you have as much fun listening to them as I do making them!

There isn't really a theme to EPISODE #60, except for a focus on newer music. It starts off with an anthem from Montana rockers Mordecai and a tense jangle bomb from Oakland's Rays, then features some non-one-word named bands like Erase Errata (PLEASE check out their reunion record from 2015) and Uranium Club, new tracks from shoegaze legends Lush and Slowdive, and a final section with classic 90s indie pop like World Of Pooh (also PLEASE check out the new reissue of their super-rare LP The Land Of Thirst, it is incredible) and The Spinanes.

The other big news this time around is that I have finally rejoined the real podcast world, and you can now SUBSCRIBE to Random Old Records via iTunes, Google Play, and RSS. If you love the podcast and don't want to miss an episode, please click one of the links around the page and sign up now, then consider writing a nice review when you do! Older episodes will also be added back to the feed as time goes on. You can also go the traditional route and stream or download the episode below. As always, thanks for listening!

Random Old Records Podcast #60
Released 11/16/2017
DOWNLOAD HERE (Right-Click, "Save As")
1. Mordecai - "In A Hole"
(Abstract Recipe, Richie 2017)
2. Rays - "Theatre Of Lunacy"
(Rays, Trouble In Mind 2017)
3. Knife Pleats - "Things I Hold"
(Hat Bark Beach, Jigsaw 2015)
4. School Damage - "Particles"
(School Damage, Chapter Music 2017)
5. Bent - "Bless You"
(Mattress Springs 7", Emotional Response 2017)
6. Erase Errata - "Watch Your Language"
(Lost Weekend, Under The Sun 2015)
--Colonizing Mars!
7. Ausmuteants - "New Planet"
(Band Of The Future, Aarght 2016)
8. Uranium Club - "That Clown's Got A Gun"
(All Of Them Naturals, Fashionable Idiots 2017)
9. Savoy Motel - "Western Version Boogie"
(Savoy Motel, What's Your Rupture 2016)
10. Boss Hog - "White Sand"
(Boss Hog, DGC 1995)
11. Thee Oh Sees - "At The End, On The Stairs"
(An Odd Entrances, Castle Face 2016)
--Problems with the mail!
12. Lush - "Out Of Control"
(Blind Spot, Edamame 2016)
13. Slowdive - "No Longer Making Time"
(Slowdive, Dead Oceans 2017)
14. Molly Nilsson - "Money Never Dreams"
(Imaginations, Night School 2017)
15. Cold Beat - "62 Moons"
(Chaos By Invitation, Crime On The Moon 2017)
--Thank you!
16. Jeannie Pearl - "Maybe In Another Year"
(Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies From The Canyon, Numero Group 2017)
17. World Of Pooh - "Someone Wants You Dead"
(GHM 7", K 1990)
18. The Spinanes - "Valency"
(Strand, Sub Pop 1996)
19. Lois - "Flamer"
(Bet The Sky, K 1995)


Random Old Records Podcast #59

TRUE STORY: this episode of Random Old Records was supposed to come out back in April. I had an entire hour mapped out, made a test-mix, and immediately hated it. So, I trashed the entire thing, sat on it awhile, made a few changes, still hated it, started from scratch and hated THAT one too, then heard the new album from Terry and found the perfect song to really make it sing. Now, it's nearly October and EPISODE #59 is finally ready for your listening pleasure!

It all kicks off with a series of songs straight out of the late '60s rock underground, featuring flashy horn arrangements, jazzy textures, and blasts of instrumental virtuosity. Then, you'll hear the massive 1995 single "Fanfare" by Eric Matthews, a selection of recent chill-pop from Omni and Mild High Club, some newer tracks from long-time Random Old Records favorites Natural Child and Black Mountain, and then the old and new start to intermingle before Black Moth Super Rainbow finishes up with a modern classic track. Stream or download the episode below, and as always, thanks for listening!

Random Old Records Podcast #59
Released 09/24/2017
DOWNLOAD HERE (Right-Click, "Save As")
1. The Gun - "Race With The Devil"
(Gun, Epic 1968)
2. Audience - "Belladonna Moonshine"
(Friend's Friend's Friend, Charisma 1970)
3. Keef Hartley Band - "From The Window"
(The Time Is Near, Deram 1970)
4. Tim Buckley - "Pleasant Street"
(Goodbye And Hello, Elektra 1967)
--The mind of a baby!
5. Eric Matthews - "Fanfare"
(It's Heavy In Here, Sub Pop 1995)
6. Omni - "Jungle Jenny"
(Deluxe, Trouble In Mind 2016)
7. Terry - "Take Me To The City"
(Remember Terry, Upset The Rhythm 2017)
8. Mild High Club - "Kokopelli"
(Skiptracing, Stone's Throw 2016)
9. Black Mountain - "Cemetery Breeding"
(Iv, JagJaguwar 2016)
--Freedom's just another word...
10. Natural Child - "There And Back"
(Okey Dokey, self-released 2016)
11. Doug Sahm - "It's Gonna Be Easy"
(Doug Sahm And Band, Atlantic 1973)
12. Arnim-Hamilton - "Pepper Man"
(Fuckin' A: Bubblegum Motherfucker Favorites (1967-1975), Burger 2016)
13. Raw Edge - "October Country"
(Book A Trip 2: More Psych Pop Sounds Of Capitol Records, Now Sounds 2013)
--Real fish pieces!
14. Kevin Ayers and Bridget St. John - "The Oyster And The Flying Fish"
(Shooting At The Moon, Harvest 1970)
15. The Parlour Band - "Early Morning Eyes"
(Is A Friend?, Deram 1972)
16. Kelley Stoltz - "Star Cluster"
(In Triangle Time, Castle Face 2015)
17. Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Cobra Juicy"
(Cobra Juicy, Rad Cult 2012)


Random Old Records Podcast #58

Happy February to you all! Everyone seems to be on edge lately due to the new president and the strange weather patterns moving their way across the United States, so what better way to turn off your brain and relax than a brand new episode of Random Old Records! I've already broken my resolution of putting these out on time, but hopefully the quality of this one will keep you listening!

EPISODE #58 kicks off with the hard funk of The Jimmy Castor Bunch, and flows into some rare grooves by Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces and Universal Togetherness Band, then drops in a brand new track from Foxygen, one of the best bands going right now in my opinion. They have dialed back the experimentation of their previous LP ...And Star Power and replaced it with lush arrangements and a bombastic Disney/Broadway vibe on the killer track "Follow The Leader". DEFINITELY go pick up the new record Hang when you get a chance!

Then, we go deeper into the land of Southern Soul and heavy horn and string arrangements with some classics from Stax and Bobbie Gentry, and some more kickin' country rock from New Riders Of The Purple Sage and Sir Douglas (country rock has been my JAM as of late!). We then come back to the present and finish up with some dreamy jangle from the Liminanas, Chook Race, and Shantih Shantih. All in all, it's a full sixty minutes and two seconds of great music to calm your shattered nerves and give you a little peace of mind. Stream or download the episode below, and as always, thanks for listening!

Random Old Records Podcast #58
Released 02/21/2017
1. The Jimmy Castor Bunch - "It's Just Begun"
(It's Just Begun, RCA 1972)
2. The Promise - "I'm Not Ready For Love"
(Eccentric Soul: A Red Black & Green Production, Numero 2012)
3. Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces - "What Is That You Got?"
(Dedication Of Love, Phinal Sound 1976)
4. Fran Farley - "Cold Blooded Sally"
(Groove With A Feeling,Ace 2015)
5. Universal Togetherness Band - "Pull Up"
(Ultra-High Frequencies: The Chicago Party, Numero 2015)
6. Johnny "Guitar" Watson - "Ain't That A Bitch"
(Ain't That A Bitch, DJM 1976)
--Get those bells up!
7. Foxygen - "Follow The Leader"
(Hang, Jagjaguwar 2017)
8. William Bell & Mavis Staples - "Love's Sweet Sensation"
(Boy Meets Girl, Stax 1969)
9. Bobbie Gentry - "Niki Hoeky"
(Ode To Billie Joe, Capitol 1967)
10. Bobby Charles - "Small Town Talk"
(Bobby Charles, Bearsville 1972)
11. New Riders Of The Purple Sage - "Important Exportin' Man"
(The Adventures Of Panama Red, Columbia 1973)
12. The Sir Douglas Band - "Texas Tornado"
(Texas Tornado, Atlantic 1973)
--Street People!
13. The Liminanas - "Garden Of Eden"
(Malamore, Hozac 2016)
14. Chook Race - "Sometimes"
(Around The House, Trouble In Mind 2016)
15. Scott & Charlene's Wedding - "Don't Bother Me"
(Mid Thirties Single Scene, Fire 2016)
16. EZTV - "There Goes My Girl"
(Calling Out, Captured Tracks 2015)
17. Shantih Shantih - "Come To Me"
(Winter In September, Dusty Medical 2016)
18. Simi Stone - "Benny"
(Simi Stone, Reveal 2015)


Random Old Records Podcast #57

It's a brand new year, and to celebrate 2017, here's a brand new episode of Random Old Records Podcast! My new year's resolution is to get back to a regular schedule and release a new episode once a month, so hopefully I can stick to it! Doing this podcast is amazing fun, but it's only a hobby and I just don't have as much time to work on it as I would like. I'm also hoping to have more old episodes re-uploaded in the near future as well, so be on the lookout!

Episode #57 is filled with the sounds of the times. Most of the hour contains raging, angry punk rock from the year 2016, including nihilistic statements of protest from bands like Violence Creeps, Mongoloid, Pure Disgust, Anxiety, and Watery Love. The punk of 2016 was more diverse and stylistically challenging than it has been in awhile. These songs clearly prove that the "music is going to get great again in the next four years" crowd just isn't paying close enough attention.

60 straight minutes of bludgeoning rock n' roll can be a little monotonous, no matter how great it might be, so this episode contains a soft middle of bubblegum and country-rock that features a song from Hozac's crucial reissue of late-70s UK rockers Charlie 'Ungry, some cherry-picked compilation tracks, a super-catchy twangy obcurity by Swampwater, and a knockout hit from the Cowsills. Stream it or download it below, and as always, thanks for listening!

Random Old Records Podcast #57

Released 01/02/16
1. Action Swingers- "Kicked In The Head"
(Quit While You're Ahead, In The Red 2015)
2. Watery Love - "Ned's Dreamcatcher"
(Ned's Dreamcatcher 7", Richie 2016)
3. Violence Creeps - "Back And To The Left"
(The Gift of Music, Total Punk 2016)
4. Anxiety - "The Worst"
(Anxiety MLP, La Vida Es Un Mus 2016)
5. Video - "Drink It In"
(The Entertainers, Third Man 2015)
6. Negative Trend - "Meathouse"
(Negative Trend 7", Heavy Manners 1978)
7. Charlie 'Ungry - "House On Chester Road"
(Who Is My Killer? 7", Hozac 2016)
8. Rudy Preston - "Poor White Trash"
(Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wasteland Vol. 1, Trailer Park 2006)
9. Jeff Cowell - "Not Down This Low"
(Wayfaring Strangers: Cosmic American Music, Numero Group 2016)
10. Swampwater - "Big Bayou"
(Swampwater, King 1971)
11. Townes Van Zandt - "Where I Lead Me"
(Delta Momma Blues, Poppy 1971)
12. Jack Reeves - "The Gun Slinger"
(Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wasteland Vol. 1, Trailer Park 2006)
13. The Cowsills - "Make The Music Flow"
(Captain Sad & His Ship Of Fools, MGM 1969)
--Wild In The Sky!
14. Flipper - "Ever"
(Album: Generic Flipper, Subterranean 1982)
15. Piss Test - "Macy's"
(Biggest Band In Europe, Taken By Surprise 2014)
16. Cremalleras - "Ex-Novios"
(Cremalleras, Cintas Pepe 2013)
17. Enamel - "Gimme Power"
(Demo, self-released 2016)
18. Pure Disgust - "Scumbag"
(Pure Disgust, Katorga Works 2016)
19. Leather Towel - "Too Much On"
(Leather Towel IV, Hozac 2016)
20. Mongoloid - "Mongoloid Part 2"
(Plays Rock And Roll, Deranged 2016)
21. NASA Space Universe - "Building"
(70 AD, Feel It 2016)
22. Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - "Cheater's Heaven"
(Bait And Switch, Onion 1995)