Random Old Records Podcast #50

To be honest, one of the reasons I started doing Random Old Records Podcast again was because I was so close to episode #50 when I went on my hiatus. To be so close to that milestone when I gave it up never really sat well with me. Well, here we are, and I'll probably do another 50 before I'm done.

In that spirit, there's no looking back in this episode. No compilation of the "best" songs I've ever played or the best in-between bits I've scavenged and put together. They're all supposed to be the best anyway, right? Soon all of the old episodes will be back online and then you'll be free to check those out any time. If you scroll down, you'll see that episodes #2 and #3 are back online for the first time in years. Episode #3 features a run of classic Dischord Records jams from Void, Embrace, and The Make-Up, while episode #2 takes a trip from The Rezillos to The Gun Club to The Lovin' Spoonful ("6' O'Clock", what a song!). Don't forget to check back frequently to the Podcast Archive below for more old episodes.

Anyway, episode #50 contains nearly an hour's worth of songs that have never been played on Random Old Records before, kicking off with the opening track of La Sera's amazing 2014 album Hour Of The Dawn, and also featuring the opening track off the brand new La Sera album, which isn't quite amazing but is still really, really good. You'll also hear grungy punk jams from Fleabite, Sports, and Personal Best, classic power pop from Zombies frontman Colin Blunstone, a hot modern disco track from Pharoahs featuring Maria Minerva, and a closing monster of a track: Catwoman Eartha Kitt taking on "Hurdy Gurdy Man" by Donovan and leaving no prisoners!

Stream the episode in the player below, or go HERE directly to stream or download. As always, thanks for listening! I'll be back in a month with episode #51!!

Random Old Records #50
Released 04/01/2016
1. La Sera - "Hour Of The Dawn"
(Hour Of The Dawn, Hardly Art 2014)
2. Tacocat - "Bridge To Hawaii"
(NVM, Hardly Art 2014)
3. Personal Best - "The Mission/If You Meet Someone In Love (Wish Them Well)"
(Arnos Vale, Specialist Subject 2015)
4. Fleabite - "Missing Everyone"
(T.T.Y.L. 7", Puzzle Pieces 2015)
5. Sports - "Clean Jeans"
(Sunchokes, self-released 2014)
--Zombies Ate My Neighbors!
6. Colin Blunstone - "She Loves The Way They Love Her"
(One Year, Epic 1971)
7. Foxygen - "How Can You Really"
(...And Star Power, Jagjaguwar 2014)
8. The Go-Betweens - "The Old Way Out"
(Spring Hill Fair, Sire 1984)
9. Dick Diver - "Beat Me Up (Talk To A Counsellor)"
(Melbourne, Florida, Trouble In Mind 2015)
10. Ultimate Painting - "Break The Chain"
(Green Lanes, Trouble In Mind 2015)
--The stud!
11. Pharaohs ft. Maria Minerva - "Miraculous Feet"
(Replicant Moods, 100% Silk 2013)
12. Marie Davidson - "Excès De Vitesse"
(Un Autre Voyage, Holodeck 2015)
13. White Poppy - "Dizzy"
(White Poppy, Not Not Fun 2013)
--Vocal power!
14. La Sera - "High Notes"
(Music For Listening To Music To, Polyvinyl 2016)
15. Charlie Hilton - "Long Goodbye"
(Palana, Captured Tracks 2016)
16. Bridget St. John - "Curl Your Toes"
(Ask Me No Questions, Dandelion 1969)
17. Margo Guryan - "Sunday Morning"
(Take A Picture, Bell 1968)
18. Lynn Castle & Last Friday's Fire - "The Lady Barber"
(Soft Sounds For Gentle People Presents: Sounds Of She, Pet 2008)
19. Eartha Kitt - "The Hurdy Gurdy Man"
(Hello Everyone: Popsike Sparks From Denmark Street 1968-70, Grapefruit 2014)


Random Old Records Podcast #49

If you follow Random Old Records on Facebook, you know that episode #48, the first new episode of Random Old Records Podcast in TWO YEARS, was posted to Soundcloud back in February. This isn't just a temporary thing. ROR IS BACK! Expect to see a brand new episode every second day of the month from here on out. The reasons I quit and came back are convoluted and not very exciting, so I'm not going to go into great detail. The main takeaway is that my podcast host Mevio went out of business two years ago and took down everything I had online, and it's taken me a long time to get the time to fix that mess the right way. 

Below this post you will see a box to subscribe to my brand new mailing list. Since the venues to freely advertise something like a podcast are drying up (lookin' at you, Facebook!), signing up to the ROR mailing list is the best way to keep up. The ONLY time you will get an email from me is when a new episode is posted. That's it! Put your email in, click Submit, and you'll be the first to know when (and where) the next episode drops!

While I'm on the self-promotion kick, you will notice that there is a new "Podcast Archive" post below this one. This will contain links and info for past episodes of Random Old Records. I'm slowly going through my files and re-uploading everything, and this will keep track of the process. There are a bunch already posted, with more coming soon!

Now that all the boring babble is finished, let's get to the JAMS! Random Old Records Podcast #49 features an hour's worth of killer tracks, The spotlight this time is bruising, heavy, noisy punk rock from the likes of Mystic Inane, Life Stinks, Cows, and Whatever Brains, plus the chillest of chill jams by Mac Demarco, Mild High Club, and Greg Ashley, and a bit of rare 70s rock n' roll from Morningstar and Sugluk! Also, you might just hear Orson Welles shilling for one of the most underrated board games of all time?!

Stream from the player below, or download it HERE. I'll be back on April 2nd with episode #50!

Random Old Records #49
Released 3/2/2016
1. Life Stinks - "You'll Never Make It"
(You'll Never Make It, SS 2015)
2. Whatever Brains - "Let's Find A Cop"
(Whatever Brains 4, Sorry State 2015)
3. Mystic Inane - "Ode To Joy"
(Ode To Joy 7", Negative Jazz 2015)
4. The Hex Dispensers - "Agatha's Antlers"
(III, Alien Snatch 2015)
--The hillbillies!
5. Cowboy - "Livin' In The Country"
(Reach For The Sky, Atco 1970)
6. Alex Bleeker & The Freaks - "Country Agenda"
(Country Agenda, Sinderlyn 2015)
7. Mild High Club - "Note To Self"
(Timeline, Circle Star 2015)
8. Mac Demarco - "Blue Boy"
(Salad Days, Captured Tracks 2014)
9.Greg Ashley - "Brother Raymond"
(Another Generation Of Slaves, Trouble In Mind 2014)
--The Dark Tower!
10. Wrath - "Warlord"
(Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles, Numero 2014)
11. Morningstar - "Little By Little"
(Local Customs: Cavern Sound, Numero 2014)
12. Sugluk - "Fall Away"
(Native North America Vol. 1, Light In The Attic 2014)
13. Willy Mitchell & Desert River Band - "Kill'n Your Mind"
(Native North American Vol. 1, Light In The Attic 2014)
--Ask J. Edgar Hoover!
14. Circle Pit - "Wave Machine"
(Bruise Constellation, Siltbreeze 2010)
15. Cows - "39 Lashes"
(Sexy Pee Story, Amphetamine Reptile 1993)
16. Nones - "Hirsute"
(Midwestern Family Values, Hozac 2014)
17. Watery Love - "Face The Door"
(Decorative Feeding, In The Red 2014)


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Random Old Records Podcast Archive

OK, here's the deal. I've decided to start doing Random Old Records Podcast again, after a two year hiatus. Shortly after the release of Random Old Records #47, my hosting site Mevio went out of business, taking every episode offline and killing all of my download links on this blog. This caused my place in the iTunes store to go away as well, once the active feed died. Luckily I had copies of every episode, but finding a new host and reuploading all of them has been a tall task. Listed below are all of the episodes currently back online, and eventually this post will contain every episode I've made since starting in 2008. If you notice a dead link, send me an email and I'll fix it!

Random Old Records #46
Originally Released: 12/13/2013

1. Potty Mouth - "The Gap"
(Hell Bent, Old Flame 2013)
2. Joanna Gruesome - "Sugarcrush"
(Weird Sister, Slumberland 2013)
3. Mikal Cronin - "Shout It Out"
(MCII, Merge 2013)
4. Ketamines - "Patients"
(You Can't Serve Two Masters, Southpaw 2013)
5. Heavy Times - "Night Manager"
(Fix It Alone, HoZac 2013)
6. Parquet Courts - "Descend (The Way)"
(Tally All The Things That You Broke, What's Your Rupture? 2013)
--Peter Ivers speaks
7. Goldendust - "After The Smoke Grew Thick"
(Goldendust, Night People 2013)
8. Grave Babies - "No Fear"
(Crusher, Hardly Art 2013)
9. Informatics - "What A World"
(Dance To A Dangerous Beat, Dark Entries 2013)
10. Onyx System - "Future Fetish"
(Dreams Are Not Dreams, ET Habit 2012)
11. Merx - "Atlantic Painter Presents"
(20000 Sq. Ft. Under The Sea, Permanent 2013)
12. Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons - "Fantastic"
(Screams To God, Dark Entries 2013)
13. Group Rhoda - "Dust"
(12th House, Not Not Fun 2013)
--Peter Ivers speaks again
14. Rockin' Horse - "Oh Carol, I'm So Sad"
(Yes It Is, Sing Sing 2012)
15. Games - "It's Just Impossible"
(Games, HoZac 2013)
16. The Dentists - "I'm Not The Devil"
(Some People Are On The Pitch..., Trouble In Mind 2013)
17. The Resonars - "Vanishing People"
(Crummy Desert Sound, Burger 2013)
18. The Last - "L.A. Explosion"
(L.A. Explosion, Bomp 1979)
19. Missing Monuments - "Dead To Me"
(Missing Monuments, Dirtnap 2013)
20. The Clap - "Get It While You Can"
(Have You Reached Yet?, Sing Sing 2011)
21. Roky Erickson & The Aliens - "I Think Of Demons"
(The Evil One, Light In The Attic 2013)

Random Old Records #45
Originally Released: 08/13/2013

1. Cressida - "To Play Your Little Game"
(Cressida, Vertigo 1970)
2. Anonymous - "Up To You"
(Inside The Shadow, Machu Picchu Ltd. 2013)
3. Salvia Plath - "House Of Leaves"
(The Bardo Story, Weird World 2013)
4. Tudor Lodge - "Nobody's Listening"
(Tudor Lodge, Vertigo 1971)
5. Dark - "R.C.8."
(Round The Edges, Machu Picchu Ltd. 2013)
--Runaway Daughters!!
6. Sector Zero - "Hiding In My Car"
(Sector Zero 7", Goner 2013)
7. Running - "Why Can't You Be In Running"
(Vaguely Ethnic, Castle Face 2013)
8. Obnox - "Ciara"
(Corrupt Free Enterprise, 12XU 2013)
9. Whatever Brains - "Summer Jammin' 2"
(Whatever Brains, Sorry State 2012)
10. The Mallard - "Decade"
(Finding Meaning In Deference, Castle Face 2013)
11. Public Image Ltd. - "Low Life"
(First Issue, Light In The Attic 2013)
12. Human Eye - "Alligator Dance"
(4: Into Unknown, Goner 2013)
13. Flipper - "Get Away"
(Sex Bomb Baby, Subterranean 1988)
14. Gary Wrong Group - "Heroin Beach Serpents Attack"
(Knights Of Misery, Total Punk/Jeth-Row 2013)
15. ET Habit - "Hooves & Tails"
(Panthers On The Roof, ET Habit 2012)
16. MX-80 Sound - "Kid Stuff"
(Hard Attack, Superior Viaduct 2013)
17. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - "Moonlight On Vermont"
(Trout Mask Replica, Straight 1969)
18. The Gospel Truth - "A Lonely Man Does Foolish Things"
(A Lonely Man Does Foolish Things, 12XU 2013)

Random Old Records #3
Originally Released: 12/7/2008

1. The Gears - Let's Go To The Beach
(Rockin' At Ground Zero, Playgems 1980)
2. Sisters - Kick Your Boots Off
(Velvet Tinmine, RPM 2003)
3. Jet - It Would Be Good
(Jet, CBS 1975)
4. Sparks - Complaints
(Kimono My House, Island 1974)
5. Mud - Tiger Feet
(Mud's Greatest Hits, RAK 1975)
6. Sweet - Love Is Like Oxygen
(Level Headed, Capitol 1978)
--Ian MacKaye speaks!
7. Fugazi - Merchandise
(Repeater, Dischord 1990)
8. Rites Of Spring - Persistent Vision
(End On End, Dischord 1987)
9. Embrace - Said Gun
(Embrace, Dischord 1987)
10. Void - My Rules
(Faith/Void, Dischord 1982)
11. The Make-Up - Live In The Rhythm Hive
(In Mass Mind, Dischord/Black Gemini 1998)
--Gun Girls!
12. The Blue Orchids - Ooh Chang-A-Lang
(Girls In The Garage Vol. 2, Romulan 1987)
13. The Belles - Melvin
(Girls In The Garage Vol. 1, Romulan 1986)
14. Turquoise - Tales Of Flossie Fillet
(Rubble Vol. 6: The Clouds Have Groovy Faces, Bam-Caruso 1986)
15. AM Gately - Battle In The City
(Soft Sounds For Gentle People Vol. 3, Pet 2004)
16. The Gates Of Eden - No One Was There
(Come To The Sunshine: Soft Pop Nuggets From The WEA Vaults, Rhino Handmade 2004)
--The Paisley Underground!
17. The Last - She Don't Know Why I'm Here
(L.A. Explosion, Bomp 1979)
18. The Rain Parade - What's She Done To Your Mind
(Emergency Third Rail Power Trip, Enigma 1983)
19. The Three O' Clock - I Go Wild
(Baroque Hoedown, Frontier 1982)
20. Burl Ives - Snow For Johnny

(Have A Holly Jolly Christmas, Decca 1965)

Random Old Records #2
Originally Released: 12/7/2008

1. Spanky & Our Gang - Swingin' Gate
(Like To Get To Know You, Mercury 1967)
2. Angry Samoans - Lights Out
(Back From Samoa, Bad Trip 1982)
3. The Undertones - Here Comes The Summer
(The Undertones, Sire 1979)
4. The Rezillos - Top Of The Pops
(Can't Stand The Rezillos, Sire 1978)
5. The Gun Club - Fire Spirit
(Fire Of Love, Ruby 1981)
 --The Hippie Revolt!
6. Lucifer's Friend - Ride In The Sky
(Lucifer's Friend, Phillips 1970)
7. Uriah Heep - Easy Livin'
(Demons And Wizards, Mercury 1972)
8. Dust - Walk In The Soft Rain
(Hard Attack, Kama Sutra 1972)
9. Budgie - Wondering What Everyone Knows
(In For The Kill, MCA 1974)
10. Euphoria - Did You Get The Letter
(A Gift From Euphoria, Capitol 1969)
--Alice In Acidland!
11. The United States Of America - Coming Down
(The United States Of America, Columbia 1968)
12. Bohemian Vendetta - All Kinds Of Highs
(Bohemian Vendetta, Mainstream 1968)
13. The Mixed Emotions - Can't You Stop It Now
(Psychedelic States: Alabama In The 60s Vol. 1, Gear Fab 2001)
14. The Game - Gonna Get Me Someone
(Rubble Vol. 5: The Electric Crayon Set, Bam-Caruso 1986)
15. The Seeds - Fallin' In Love
(The Seeds, GNP Crescendo 1966)
--Behind Locked Doors!
16. The Lovin' Spoonful - Six O' Clock
(Everything Playing, Kama Sutra 1968)
17. Rich Kids - Plastic Flowers
(Soft Sounds For Gentle People Vol. 1, Pet 2003)
18. The Fruit Machine - The Wall
(Rubble Vol. 18: Rainbow Thyme Wynders, Bam-Caruso 1992)
19. Harper & Rowe - Here Comes Yesterday Again

(Harper & Rowe, World Pacific 1968)

Random Old Records #1
Originally Released: 11/19/2008

1. Hank Thompson - "A Broken Heart And A Glass Of Beer"
(The Wild Side of Life, Proper 2004)
2. The Pleasure Fair - "Today"
(Soft Sounds For Gentle People Vol. 1, Pet 2003)
3. The Running Jumping Standing Still Band - "Aye-O"
(Bubblepop! Vol. 2, no label)
4. Warwick - "Let's Get The Party Going"
(Velvet Tinmine, RPM 2003)
--The alley tramp!
5. The Misunderstood - "Never Had A Girl Like You Before"
(Rubble Vol. 1: The Psychedelic Snarl, Bam-Caruso 1984)
6. The 13th Floor Elevators - "Reverberation (Doubt)"
(The Psychedelic Sounds, International Artists 1966)
7. Fifty Foot Hose - "The Things That Concern You"
(Cauldron, Limelight 1968)
8. The Holy Mackerel - "Scorpio Red"
(The Holy Mackerel, Reprise 1968)
9. The Spike Drivers - "Break Out The Wine"
(Soft Sounds For Gentle People Vol. 2, Pet 2004)
--The wild scene!
10. Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner - "Dark End Of The Street"
(Just The Two Of Us, RCA 1968)
11. The Neon Philharmonic - "Morning Girl"
(The Moth Confesses, Warner Bros. 1969)
12. Sagittarius - "In My Room"
(The Blue Marble, Together 1969)
13. The Lemon Pipers - "Jelly Jungle (Of Orange Marmalade)"
(Jungle Marmalade, Buddah 1968)
14. Sunforest - "Lighthouse Keeper"
(Sound Of Sunforest, Deram 1969)
--There's always vanilla!
15. Michael Blodgett - "Fire Engine Sky"
(Mystic Males, Pet 2005)
16. Zerfas - "The Sweetest Part"
(Zerfas, 700 West 1973)
17. Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner - "The Party"
(Just The Two Of Us, RCA 1968)
18. Buck Owens & His Buckaroos - "Wham Bam"
(I've Got A Tiger By The Tail, Capitol 1965)
19. The Surf Riders - "I'm Out"
(Southern Rhythm And Rock: The Best Of Excello Records Vol. 2, Rhino 1990)
20. Rudy Mills - "John Jones"
(Reggae Hits, Pama 1969)