Random Old Records Podcast #68

I can't believe another year has gone by, but it's time for the annual 5/10/15/20 edition of Random Old Records! EPISODE #68 features a collection of tracks from the years 1998, 2003, 2008, and 2013, along with some vintage news reports about the headlines of the day. Get into your time machine and jet back to the past!

In 1998, The Jesus & Mary Chain came back after a few years out of the spotlight, the Jesus Lizard released their final albums, and bands like American Steel and Murder City Devils broke out huge. By 2003, post-hardcore dominated the zeitgeist, with the Blood Brothers, Cursive making their definitive LPs. In 2008, the garage rock underground exploded with classic releases by Nobunny and the Ettes, while punk rock ruled the day in 2013. Check out this episode for a dose of nuclear-powered nostalgia!

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Random Old Records Podcast #68
Released 09/23/18
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1. The Jesus & Mary Chain - "I Love Rock 'N' Roll"
(Munki, Sub Pop 1998)
2. Braid - "Killing A Camera"
(Frame And Canvas, Polyvinyl 1998)
3. Snuff - "Iyehf Taidu Leikh"
(Tweet Tweet My Lovely, Fat Wreck Chords 1998)
4. American Steel - "Rogue's March"
(Rogue's March, Lookout 1998)
5. Murder City Devils - "Johnny Thunders"
(Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts, Sub Pop 1998)
6. Jesus Lizard - "Cold Water"
(Blue, Capitol 1998)
--2003: The big blackout!
7. Pernice Brothers - "The Weakest Shade Of Blue"
(Yours, Mine, and Ours, Ashmont 2003)
8. The Weakerthans - "Reconstruction Site"
(Reconstruction Site, Epitaph 2003)
9. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - "Dark Wave"
(Pig Lib, Matador 2003)
10. Cursive - "Art Is Hard"
(The Ugly Organ, Saddle Creek 2003)
11. Blood Brothers - "Ambulance Vs. Ambulance"
(Burn Piano Island Burn, ArtistDirect 2003)
--2008: The banks collapse!
12. The Resonars - "No Dark Clouds Float By"
(That Evil Drone, Burger 2008)
13. The Ettes – "Crown Of Age"
(Look At Life Again Soon, Take Root 2008)
14. Be Your Own Pet - "Bitches Leave"
(Get Awkward, XL 2008)
15. Jay Reatard - "Screaming Hand"
(Matador Singles '08, Matador 2008)
16. Nobunny - "Boneyard"
(Love Visions, Bubbledumb 2008)
17. Wax Museums - "Dirty Dishes"
(Wax Museums, Douchemaster 2008)
18. The Okmoniks - "Teenage Timebomb"
(Party Fever, Slovenly 2008)
--2013: Reese loses it!
19. Upset - "Back To School"
(She's Gone, Don Giovanni 2013)
20. First Base - "Hard To Read"
(First Base, Hozac 2013)
21. Shannon And The Clams - "Bed Rock"
(Dreams In The Rat House, Hardly Art 2013)
22. First Base - "Hard To Read"
(First Base, Hozac 2013)
23. Ausmuteants - "Kicked In The Head By A Horse"
(Amusements, Goner 2013)
24. Life Stinks - "Shadow On The Wall"
(Life Stinks, SS 2013)

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