Random Old Records Podcast #47

I've written dozens of these little blog posts hyping my latest podcast, so what more can I say at this point? RANDOM OLD RECORDS #47 has got the jams, an hour of them to be exact. It's got classics by Nada Surf, The Posies, and Teenage Fanclub. It's got brand new ones by Morgan Delt, Tony Molina, and California X. There's some of the most vital punk rock going these days from Life Stinks and Cheap Time. There's fuzzy, giddy powerpoppunkrock from First Base and Backseat Virgins. There's sleek synth jams from Minks and Gap Dream. There's some downright offensive commercials from 70s TV. There's also MUCH, MUCH MORE!

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Random Old Records Podcast #47
Released 02/19/2014
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1. Nada Surf - "Concrete Bed"
(The Weight Is A Gift, Barsuk 2005)
2. The Posies - "Dream All Day"
(Frosting On The Beater, DGC 1993)
3. Teenage Fanclub - "Sparky's Dream" 
(Grand Prix, DGC 1995)
4. Tony Molina - "See Me Through"
(Dissed And Dismissed, Slumberland 2014)
5. Roomrunner - "Vaporize"
(Ideal Cities, Fan Death 2013)
6. California X - "Hot Hed"
(California X, Don Giovanni 2013)
--I'm the Starsky, he's the Hutch!
7. Minks - "Margot"
(Tides End, Captured Tracks 2013)
8. Part Time - "Seashells"
(PDA, Mexican Summer 2013)
9. Gap Dream - "Chill Spot"
(Shine Your Light, Burger 2013)
10. Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Tooth Decay"
(Eating Us, Graveface 2009)
11. Morgan Delt - "Barbarian Kings"
(Morgan Delt, Trouble In Mind 2014)
--Be a mindsticker!
12. First Base - "She's Boy Crazy"
(First Base, HoZac 2013)
13. Backseat Virgins - "Haley"
(Born Again, Insubordination 2007)
14. Gino & The Goons - "Hypnotic"
(Play Loud, Total Punk 2013)
15. True Sons Of Thunder - "Tony Joe White"
(Spoonful Of Seedy Dudes, Jeth-Row 2011)
16. Life Stinks - "Drag You"
(Life Stinks, SS 2013)
17. Useless Eaters - "Life On A Grid"
(Hypertension, Jeffrey Drag 2013)
18. Cheap Time - "Kill The Light"
(Exit Smiles, In The Red 2013)
19. Shocked Minds - "Dream Of Yogi"
(Shocked Minds, HoZac 2013)

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  1. ha! i was about to engage you with some var. of " i enjoy your show (i know its a podcast, but it feels like real radio show, as in olden days when i would have rage-making struggles with antennae, trying to get the treasure out of the air) so much, that i feel pretty confident that you'd not dislike my own songs. then a Soundclick/cloud link. then if you wanted , aproper download link.
    thne i saw your in cincinnati! F-me, how'd i miss that before? Me too - got here 2009 (here comes slight brag for credibilty) played midpoint 2010 or '11 (i was woefully underprepared/overconfident for it though)
    so i want to include a disguised email if you don't mind. please feel free to get in touch whenever you happen to see this.
    ha! like a sleazy craigslist ad
    just discovered that i seem to have a myspace page?! where'd that come from? also some other cincinnati people are listening on soundcloud- i'm almost never on a current enough computer to get on soundcloud anymore- thanks for your patience w/my logorrhea