Random Old Records Podcast #45

It's been about six months since I last did a podcast, and over a year since I did these with any regularity, but a funny thing happened several weeks ago. I had figured returning to podcasting would be damn near impossible at this point. I hadn't done them monthly in forever, so where the hell was I gonna start?! I think I've bought and listened to something like three hundred records in the past year, and all of them are worthy of your attention in some way. So, I sat down and made a list, and by the time I was done I had filled both sides of a piece of paper and started writing more names in between the cracks. The simple theme of Random Old Records #45 is "things that blew my freakin' mind since the last one."

To be more specific, this episode features music that is slightly bent, cracked, or mutilated, with nothing much resembling standard pop, rock, or punk music. You'll hear freaky prog-folk from original Vertigo label acts Cressida and Tudor Lodge, blown-out punk noise by Flipper, Running, Obnox, and Sector Zero, and plain ol' weirdness by E.T. Habit, MX-80 Sound, and Captain Beefheart. Hope you all enjoy!

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Random Old Records #45
Released 08/13/13
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1. Cressida - "To Play Your Little Game"
(Cressida, Vertigo 1970)
2. Anonymous - "Up To You"
(Inside The Shadow, Machu Picchu Ltd. 2013)
3. Salvia Plath - "House Of Leaves"
(The Bardo Story, Weird World 2013)
4. Tudor Lodge - "Nobody's Listening"
(Tudor Lodge, Vertigo 1971)
5. Dark - "R.C.8."
(Round The Edges, Machu Picchu Ltd. 2013)
--Runaway Daughters!!
6. Sector Zero - "Hiding In My Car"
(Sector Zero 7", Goner 2013)
7. Running - "Why Can't You Be In Running"
(Vaguely Ethnic, Castle Face 2013)
8. Obnox - "Ciara"
(Corrupt Free Enterprise, 12XU 2013)
9. Whatever Brains - "Summer Jammin' 2"
(Whatever Brains, Sorry State 2012)
10. The Mallard - "Decade"
(Finding Meaning In Deference, Castle Face 2013)
11. Public Image Ltd. - "Low Life"
(First Issue, Light In The Attic 2013)
12. Human Eye - "Alligator Dance"
(4: Into Unknown, Goner 2013)
13. Flipper - "Get Away"
(Sex Bomb Baby, Subterranean 1988)
14. Gary Wrong Group - "Heroin Beach Serpents Attack"
(Knights Of Misery, Total Punk/Jeth-Row 2013)
15. ET Habit - "Hooves & Tails"
(Panthers On The Roof, ET Habit 2012)
16. MX-80 Sound - "Kid Stuff"
(Hard Attack, Superior Viaduct 2013)
17. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - "Moonlight On Vermont"
(Trout Mask Replica, Straight 1969)
18. The Gospel Truth - "A Lonely Man Does Foolish Things"
(A Lonely Man Does Foolish Things, 12XU 2013)

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