Random Old Records Podcast #75

2019 has been one of the most exhausting years on record, at least it feels that way as June comes to a close. It's my hope that EPISODE #75 of Random Old Records is a little sunshine in all of this rain, a little escapism from the tough and angry world outside, a little bit of fun and relief from all this work. Download it to your device of choice and get ready for 58 minutes and 42 seconds of jams for the heart and soul.

You'll hear brand new music from the legendary Meat Puppets, who just released one of their best albums 30 years into their run, power pop from The Resonars and Julian Leal, new and old dreamy psychedelic pop from The Third Eye, Garcia Peoples, and Olden Yolk, classics from Sir Douglas Quintet and Barbara Manning, plus so so much more. This episode is dedicated to everyone out there just getting by and trying their best. I hope you enjoy it!

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Random Old Records Podcast #75
Released 06/26/19
DOWNLOAD HERE (Right-Click, "Save As")
1. Jerry Jeff Walker - "Gettin' By"
(Viva Terlingua, MCA 1973)
2. Sir Douglas Quintet - "And It Didn't Even Bring Me Down"
(Mendocino, Smash 1969)
3. George Kent - "I Always Did Like Leavenworth"
(The Hangman's Blues, Iron Mountain 2016)
4. Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs - "Big City Lights"
(On Tour, MGM 1965)
5. The Bakersfield Poppy Pickers - "It's Written All Over My Face"
(Happy Lovin' Time, Big Beat 2015)
--Mystery Mansion!
6. Meat Puppets - "Unfrozen Memory"
(Dusty Notes, Megaforce 2019)
7. Natural Child - "Rounder"
(Dancin' With Wolves, Burger 2014)
8. Art Lown - "Deep Blue Sea"
(Sad About The Times, Anthology 2019)
9. The Third Eye - "Valley Of Sadness"
(Love, Peace and Poetry: African Psychedelic Music, QDK 2004)
10. Sheridan-Price - "Face In My Window"
(This Is To Certify That..., Gemini 1970)
11. Dungen - "Sisten Gasten"
(Allas Sak, Mexican Summer 2015)
12. Garcia Peoples - "Break Me Down"
(Natural Facts, Beyond Beyond Is Beyond 2019)
13. Olden Yolk - "Blue Paradigm"
(Living Theatre, Trouble In Mind 2019)
--No more loud music!
14. The Resonars - "The Man Who Does Nothing"
(No Exit, Trouble In Mind 2019)
15. Julian Leal - "Be Mine"
(Julian Leal, Hozac 2019)
16. Faith Healer - "Sufferin' Creature"
(Try ;-), Mint 2017)
17. Barbara Manning - "Every Pretty Girl"
(Lately I Keep Scissors, Heyday 1989)
18. The Fastbacks - "K Street"
(And His Orchestra, Popllama 1987)

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