Random Old Records Podcast #52

Just got home from work, and it's so warm and muggy and gross that the outside feels like the inside of a sewer. YUCK! Luckily, Random Old Records Podcast is back with a brand new episode containing 58 minutes and 7 seconds of chilled-out jams that feel like a blast of sweet A/C to the face. You can download it for free HERE.

Episode #52 starts off with some recent blissed-out ballads from the likes of Martin Courtney, Salad Boys, and The Lavender Flu, then flows into two sizzling sets of 60s sunshine pop and soft psych. You'll hear the brooding and tense "Her Name Is Melody" from Adrian Pride (a pseudonym for tripped-out troubadour Bernie Schwartz), recently featured on the Nuggets: Hallucinations comp re-released on Record Store Day 2016. You'll also hear the fuzzed-out "Bad Dream" from the heavily mustachioed Dick Domane, included on Pet Records' essential Mystic Males collection, and the chiming folk-rocker "Leaving It All Behind" by The Toads, included on Pet Records' also essential It's Zimmerman's World LP (and a whole lot more from Pet Records since they are AMAZING and you need everything they ever put out).

This one took a lot of time to put together, just to ensure a solid sequence of good vibes from front to back. I hope everyone enjoys it! I've been busy cataloging and organizing my 7" collection for the first time in many years, so July's episode will feature an hour of top jams culled from my racks of 45s! In the meantime, make it your goal to seek out the fantastic debut DOUBLE LP from The Lavender Flu, entitled Heavy Air. It features former Hunches guitarist Chris Gunn going long and weird on a sprawling set of suburban loner back porch pop with a crew of guests. If you're sick of checking out the latest and greatest bands only to find out you can hum all of the chord changes before the first song finishes, then you need it immediately. Every time you think it's gonna zig, it zags. Every time you get lulled into some delicately picked melancholy, everything goes pear shaped. It is just lovely! As always, thanks for listening!!!

Random Old Records Podcast #52

Released 06/02/16
1. Donnie & Joe Emerson - "Good Time"
(Dreamin' Wild, Light In The Attic 2012)
2. Peacers - "Kick On The Plane"
(Peacers, Drag City 2015)
3. Mikal Cronin - "Control"
(MCIII, Merge 2015)
4. Martin Courtney - "Northern Highway"
(Many Moons, Domino 2015)
5. Salad Boys - "First Eight"
(Metalmania, Trouble In Mind 2015)
6. The Lavender Flu - "The Lawn"
(Heavy Air, MEDS 2016)
--Emily forgot her flash cards!
7. The Cookies - "Wounded"
(Come To The Sunshine: Soft Pop Nuggets From The WEA Vaults, Rhino 2004)
8. The Sunshine Company - "Love, That's Where It Is"
(The Sunshine Company, Liberty 1968)
9. New Kick - "Song The City Sings"
(Book A Trip 2: More Psych Pop Sounds Of Capitol Records, Now Sounds 2013)
10. The London Phogg - "The Times To Come"
(Fading Yellow Vol. 3, Flower Machine 2002)
11. Paul Stoop - "Daydream"
(Mystic Males 2, Pet 2014)
12. Dick Domane - "Bad Dream"
(Mystic Males, Pet 2005)
--It just makes you feel goood!
13. Sandy Salisbury - "Spell On Me"
(Sandy, Poptones 2000)
14. Lee Mallory - "Take My Hand"
(Come To The Sunshine: Soft Pop Nuggets From The WEA Vaults, Rhino 2004)
15. The Toads - "Leaving It All Behind"
(It's Zimmerman's World, Pet 2012)
16. Adrian Pride - "Her Name Is Melody"
(Hallucinations: Psychedelic Pop Nuggets From The WEA Vault, Rhino 2004)
17. Shalynn - "Flower Song"
(Mystic Males 2, Pet 2014)
18. Bentley Road - "The Cobra"
(Soft Sounds For Gentle People Vol. 5, Pet 2010)

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