Random Old Records Podcast #28

2011 is in full swing, and there's a ton of amazing new jams coming out, so what better time to drop another episode of Random Old Records?! #28 is a tribute to the ultimate diva Tura Satana (RIP) and it features a whole bunch of her classic quotes from the classic Russ Meyer flick Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill! As far as the musical portion goes, it starts off with some classic '90s tunes from Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney, then moves into a mix of new and old rock n' roll from Spencey Dude & The Doodles, 20/20, Mind Spiders, Mr. Airplane Man, and Bare Wires, then finishes up with brand spankin' new tracks from Smith Westerns, Jail Weddings, and the Strange Boys! Big surprise that the most intriguing track to drop in 2011 so far comes from Austin's Strange Boys, off a FREE Scion Garage A/V single. My favorite band of 2010 goes OUT THERE with a seriously arty song that mixes yacht rock, silly white reggae, barking preacher voices, and their patented Stonesy swagger into a four minute firebomb interrupted by jolts of AM radio static. It sounds like a band of tired rock n' rollers driving their van down a faceless highway at 4 AM, sick of all the previously packed CDs, tapes, and iPods, desperately trying to find something good to listen to on the radio.

As always, there's multiple ways to get Random Old Records off the internet and into your ears. First and foremost, point your browser to http://rorpodcast.mevio.com to download, stream, or subscribe via iTunes, RSS, or any way you want! Also, you can grab a direct downloadable ZIP file by going HERE. If that sounds like too much work, you can go to http://realpunkradio.com and hear my show at 4 PM EST every Wednesday! New shows debut every second Wednesday of the month. While you're there, stick around and listen for a few hours and support 100% FREE DIY internet radio! Real Punk Radio offers a ton of sweet original shows, along with Razorcake and Maximumrocknroll Radio, so check it out and donate a couple of bucks, dirtbags! Next episode will be coming in a few weeks, so stay tuned! Here's the playlist for Random Old Records #28:

Random Old Records Podcast #28
1. Bikini Kill - "Rebel Girl"
2. Sleater-Kinney - "One More Hour"
3. Pavement - "Major Leagues"
4. The Ettes - "Love Lies Bleeding"
5. The Geraldine Fibbers - "Seven Or In 10"
--Tura Satana Speaks (RIP)
6. Bare Wires - "Seeking Love"
7. Mind Spiders - "No. 3"
8. The Weakends - "Slow Down & Low"
9. Mr. Airplane Man - "Commit A Crime"
10. Spency Dude & The Doodles - "Flirting"
11. The Barreracudas - "Diet Coke"
--Tura Satana Speaks (RIP) Part 2
12. 20/20 - "Going Up With My Girl"
13. Little Bob Story - "Baby Don't Cry"
14. The RPM's - "Loved By You"
15. The Poppees - "She's Got It"
16. The Red Button - "Gonna Make You Mine"
--Tura Satana Speaks (RIP) Part 3
17. Natural Child - "Crack Mountain"
18. Teenanger - "Big Spirit Payback"
19. The Strange Boys - "American Radio"
20. Smith Westerns - "Dance Away"
21. Jail Weddings - "What Did You Do With My Gun?"

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