Random Old Records #43

Oh shit! Random Old Records Podcast is back from its summer vacation! I'm sure most of you fine readers have stopped checking this blog by now, but I'm back and plan on staying around. Not gonna try to make up any crazy excuses, the truth is that I was running low on inspiration after 3+ years of blogging and doing a monthly podcast, and decided to put it to rest for awhile instead of cranking out shitty shit just to keep the streak going. Writing almost daily for GET BENT opened me up to a whole new blogging experience, one where I was getting pushy emails and Facebook messages from labels and PR persons and bands asking for press, and the whole thing just started to bum me out after awhile.

I used to scoff at music writers who complained about "inbox fatigue", but after nine months on the front lines, I can tell you that shit really happens, man. Getting free music is GREAT, establishing good relationships with the musicians you love is GREAT, but all the other bullshit around it SUCKS. I've been self-publishing my music writing for 15+ years and haven't made a dime, and it never mattered because the search for great new rock n' roll is genuinely thrilling to me, and that's the main reason I've kept at it even though any other sane person would have given up years ago. But when some (NOT ALL) folks take advantage of the situation and start acting like they're entitled to what is essentially free publicity because they got some favorable press in the past, that's when things start to get hairy.

When you work full time and write as a hobby, it also makes it that much easier to walk away when people you barely know are pushing you to work for THEM for free. So I did. If anything, this little break just reaffirmed my love for rock n' roll, and my unwavering belief that the music being made right now is just as good, and in some cases even better, than all the shit that's come before. It was an opportunity to catch up, and soak in all the stuff that's been piling up in the ol' inbox. Expect much more stuff out of this blog and from GET BENT in the near future. I believe in both, and will be paying more attention to Random Old Records than ever, so look out!

Considering that it was four months in the making, episode #43 of Random Old Records is a one hour MONSTER of fresh rock n' roll for your ears. It starts out with some ugly, noisy jams from Puffy Areolas and the K-Holes and crucial new punk rock from White Lung and Dikes Of Holland, hits the best tracks from the latest releases by The Fresh & Onlys, Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees, and highlights some psych pop newcomers like The Marble Vanity and Jacco Gardner. This edition hits all the bases from the noisiest free-form freakouts to tight power pop and everything in between. It's simply a collection of the best shit I've heard all year, and I hope you all have as much fun listening to it as I did putting it together. Let's all have fun together!


Random Old Records #43
1. Puffy Areolas - "1982"
(1982: Dishonorable Discharge, HoZac 2012)
2. K-Holes - "Nightshifter"
(Dismania, Hardly Art 2012)
3. Holograms - "Memories Of Sweat"
(Holograms, Captured Tracks 2012)
4. White Lung - "Bag"
(Sorry, Deranged 2012)
5. Dikes Of Holland - "Braindead USA"
(Braindead USA, Screamers 2012)
6. A Giant Dog - "Hang Around"
(Fight, Tic Tac Totally 2012)
--Isle of sin!
7. Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs - "All To Myself"
(All To Myself 7", Hosehead 2012)
8. Mrs. Magician - "There Is No God"
(Strange Heaven, Swami 2012)
9. The Fresh & Onlys - "Yes Or No"
(Long Slow Dance, Mexican Summer 2012)
10. The Marble Vanity - "Assemble"
(The Marble Vanity, Slow Fizz 2012)
11. Thee Oh Sees - "Goodbye Baby"
(Putrifiers II, In The Red 2012)
12. Jacco Gardner - "Summer's Game"
(Where Will You Go 7", Trouble In Mind 2012)
--The narcotics story!
13. Apache Dropout - "Archie's Army"
(Bubblegum Graveyard, Trouble In Mind 2012)
14. The People's Temple - "Looter's Game"
(Looter's Game 7", HoZac 2012)
15. Ty Segall Band - "The Tongue"
(Slaughterhouse, In The Red 2012)
16. Human Eye - "Junkyard Heart"
(They Came From The Sky, Sacred Bones 2012)
17. Spanish Moss - "Chemical Catherine"
(KELP, Spot On Sound 2012)
--Walking by night!
18. Missing Monuments - "(I'm Gonna) Love You Back To Life"
(Love You Back To Life 7", HoZac 2012)
19. White Wires - "Everywhere You Were"
(WWIII, Dirtnap 2012)
20. Woollen Kits - "Down Your Street"
(Shelley 7", Trouble In Mind 2012)
21. Cozy - "Sugar On My Mind"
(Cola Shock Kids 7", HoZac 2012)
22. The Liminanas - "Bad Lady Goes To Jail"
(Crystal Anis, HoZac 2012)

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  1. Hells yeah! Thanks for doing what you do.