We Wait In Summertime: Summer Mix 2011

So yeah, I haven't been blogging much lately, and I'm not exactly sure why, but I have a few solid ideas. First of all, work has been kicking my ass and I've been putting in a bunch of twelve hours days in on a big project that has turned my free time into a massive blur of couch sitting, tv watching, and competitive dozing. Ever tried to swap out 700+ computers in a week? It's not a pretty sight, folks. When "me time" is at a premium, sitting in front of a computer trying to come up with new and exciting ways of saying "THIS RULES!" isn't exactly a high priority. Instead, I've been coming up with new and exciting ways to jazz up frozen pizzas and watching Get Smart reruns. All I gotta say is Italian seasoning is crucial and KAOS agents are everywhere. FUN!

Also, I almost sorta kinda am bored with music at the current time. For the last six months, I've been buying records at a furious pace, and the latest crop of purchases just haven't been moving me, man. 2011 has come up with some serious jams so far, but there hasn't been much in the last few weeks that really MOVED me. I'm not sure if I'm burned out, or that the stuff coming out in June is just plain mediocre. The steady stream of amazing, basic, LOUD rock n' roll of the last couple years seems to be petering out, and it all sounds like a bunch of too-loud, monotonous racket. To be honest, I'd much rather listen to synth pop or prog rock or standards from the 40s or something right now. I keep putting on the same damn Joni Mitchell album over and over again (The Hissing Of Summer Lawns, which is fucking essential, OK?!) and it rules because I know all the words and when all the drum beats kick in and all that good stuff. It's pretty and nice for sleeping music, too. Even as I write this, the new Pure X LP is kinda blowing my mind, so maybe new music is getting back on track after all.

Anyway, this mix has been gestating for several weeks and I think it's pretty great. It starts and ends with two of my favorite love songs of all time, both sung by women. The first is decidedly from a lady's perspective and the last one is male as it comes. Soft and dreamy at the beginning, then tough and moody at the end. It sounds pretty good to these ears, at least. Somewhere in the middle is "He Gets Me High" by Dum Dum Girls, which is a perfect mix of both. Filling out the rest of the runtime are some of my favorite songs of 2011 so far, along with a few crucial older songs that you need to hear if you haven't yet. It's a soundtrack for summertime. It's for singing and swooning and lounging around. The word gets overused these days, but it really is dreamy. This mix is for reflecting over how awesome 2011 has been so far, and for anticipating how awesome it will continue to be as it keeps rolling. Play it loud and often.

Stream it HERE:

We Wait In Summertime: Summer 2011
1. Mary Lou Lord - "The Wind Blows All Around"
2. The Joykiller - "She's Something Else"
3. The Anniversary - "All Things Ordinary"
4. Wax Idols - "All Too Human"
5. Dum Dum Girls - "He Gets Me High"
6. White Wires - "I Can Tell"
7. High Tension Wires - "Backbone"
8. Wax Museums - "Safety In Numbers"
9. Natural Child - "Chris' Blues"
10. Smith Westerns - "Imagine Pt. 3"
11. The Go - "Invisible Friends"
12. Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Sun Lips"
13. Blouse - "Into Black"
14. Massive Attack - "Protection"


  1. Zach, your disinterest concerning music, or more like your latteral interest move (with the Joni thang) is totally natural and even comparable. Im not pulling 12 hr days, but 8 in a oily shop with fans moving hot air around makes me want in on some of that competative sleeping...

    I know this guy who packed up 95% of his music collection 3 years ago... He was burned ou as you describe too... I been rediscovering all of it slowly.... Like the Stitches/Le Shok split 7"... now wow!!!

    The guy who decided to buy that is one cool dude.

  2. Get Smart! reruns! What channel? (also, as usual, your mix rocks)